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spaceoneprologic: recommented09:10
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spaceoneprologic: check also _all_ my other commits13:06
prologicgotta get ready to leave for work :)13:06
spaceoneprologic: did you ever run your wiki site on python3?14:20
prologicspaceone: no14:25
prologici very much doubt its deps are Python 3 ready14:25
prologicexcept circuits ofc ;)14:26
spaceoneprologic: your code is very much instable for unicode things14:26
spaceonee.g. wef/loggers.py14:26
spaceonee.g. web/loggers.py14:26
prologicI run 2.7.3 on my server right now14:26
spaceone70         for k, v in list(atoms.items()):14:26
spaceone 71             if isinstance(v, str):14:27
spaceone 72                 v = v.encode("utf8")14:27
spaceone 73             elif not isinstance(v, str):14:27
spaceone 74                 v = str(v)14:27
spaceonethis is from loggers.py14:27
spaceonethis will work on python314:27
prologicahh yes14:27
spaceonebut crashing on python214:27
prologicwe should fix this ;)14:27
prologicand write tests for this component!14:27
prologicyou wanna fix it?14:28
spaceonei have to much TODO14:28
spaceonewait until april14:28
spaceoneafter april i can do more on circuits14:28
prologicok ill have a crack at it14:29
spaceonei forked circuits.web14:29
spaceonei really removed 90% of code14:29
spaceonethe most code is bullshit there (mostly because it was ripped or it is unstructured)14:30
prologicwhats your intention?14:30
spaceoneif you wanna see it have a look at SF/http/*.py14:31
spaceonei want a clean simple framework14:31
spaceonei can't pass all tests because i am breaking the API, or remove things which does not belong into the http core14:32
prologicill take a look sometime14:32
prologicis it still completely async though with good separate components?14:33
spaceoneof course14:33
spaceonethe core is very clean14:33
spaceonebut circuits.web is *grrr'14:34
prologiccan you publish it to bitbucket? circuitsweb2 ? ;)14:35
spaceonei will release it at my own server14:35
spaceonei don't like butbucket, and i don't know what is happening to the code if i am hosting it elsewhere14:36
spaceonei will provide git (stable) + svn (dev) access from spaceframework.org14:36
spaceoneSF 0.0.9 will be released on 8th march on 23:5914:37
spaceoneSF 0.1 some days later14:38
spaceone(removing all the code which belongs to my project)14:38
prologici really wish we could make circuits.web better without throwing away 90% of the effort14:41
spaceonethe bad thing is that there are so much dependencies on the current API14:42
jgiorgiprologic: i second that, the API is fine, there's a few glitches in the implementation (like streaming) but that doesnt require changing a long-established API14:43
prologicthere isnt a lot of API I14:44
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spaceone.en-de second14:45
Lamb3spaceone: Translation: zweite14:45
spaceone.en-de second that14:45
Lamb3spaceone: Translation: zweitens, dass14:45
spaceonehmm, but current project which bases on circuits?14:45
spaceonealso the thousend differend error events14:46
spaceonethere is Error, HTTPError, HTTPExeption14:46
prologicwe could consolidate this without breaking too much14:47
prologicif tou want a better circuits.web im ok with that, but help me do it ;)14:48
prologiclets not fork the effort14:48
spaceonejeah i am helping14:48
spaceonei can't work without forking14:48
prologici agree its a bit of a mess14:48
prologicbut it works14:48
prologicthe reason being is we borrowedba lot of code so we didnt have to write it14:49
spaceonejah, and that borrowed code is the bad design14:49
prologicerror events and exceptions are there to support firing error events14:49
spaceonebut have a look:14:50
spaceonethere are no errors in http14:50
prologicand raising exveptions in vode that doesnt have a reference to a circuits component14:50
spaceonethere a status'es14:50
prologicits kind of mecessary14:50
spaceonethe only real error is a exception14:50
spaceonewhich is also an status (500 internal server error)14:50
prologiclets discuss more when i get into work14:51
spaceonei am sleeping then14:51
prologictyping one handed in an iPad is hard!14:51
spaceonethe days where i was awake until 3am are hopefully over14:52
prologicok some other time then14:52
spaceone(i have been a big disappointment to my14:52 arbeitgeber14:52
Lamb3spaceone: Translation: employer14:52
prologicoh. why?14:52
spaceonei was tired and unconcentrated... could not think anymore14:53
spaceoneso i failed doing simple jobs14:53
prologicgo to bed then!14:53
spaceonei slept 2 weeks long only 4-5 hours per day14:53
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prologicI vote we drop Python 2.6 support.16:24
prologickoobs:  ping?16:51
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