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prologichey spaceone04:03
prologicspaceone, ping?04:46
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spaceoneprologic: pong07:26
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prologicoh I was just going to say that STATUS_RE was wrong in the http parser08:30
prologicI fixed it08:30
spaceoneprologic: i'll have a look08:41
spaceoneprologic: what does the declare_namespace thing do?08:52
prologicallows things like circuits and circuits.contrib to exist in the same namespace08:54
prologicso you can dO:08:54
prologicfrom circuits.contrib import blah08:54
spaceoneprologic: you did again HTTP_STATUS_CODE[self.status] (in net.protocols.http)08:56
spaceoneprologic: also a few lines under it, typo: 'Respons' (missing n)08:56
spaceonemissing e*08:56
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prologic<spaceone> prologic: you did again HTTP_STATUS_CODE[self.status] (in net.protocols.http) <-- what's wrong with this?15:09
prologicthe parser doesn't give you the status reason15:09
prologiconly the code15:09
prologicyes I'm aware of the typo15:09
prologicfixing now :)15:09
prologicI kind crashed last night :)15:10
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prologicspaceone, btw15:52
prologicI'm not happy with the internal error handling and exception hiding in the http aprser15:52
prologicso I'm stripping out all the errno, errstr crap15:52
prologicand just raising regular exceptions that I can catch with try/except15:52
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spaceoneprologic: i'm ok with it19:01
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