IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2013-03-31

prologicI'm fairly sure we now have IRI/URI support in circuits.web06:48
*** ronny has joined #circuits08:34
*** ronny has quit IRC12:15
prologicspaceone, ping?12:35
spaceoneprologic: pong15:46
spaceonesomething strange occured to the time :/15:46
spaceoneit seems my clock is now one hour later15:47
spaceonei hope this will simplify things for us15:47
prologiccheck out the latest changesets15:59
prologicI completed the url/uri work15:59
prologicall tests do pass15:59
spaceoneok nice16:01
prologica slight upgrade from my current server22:43
prologicIntel Atom D252 -> Intel Xeon 322022:43
prologic4GB RAM -> 8GB RAM22:43
prologic500GB HDD -> 250GB HDD22:43
prologicsome pluses, some minuses22:43
prologicbut overall a good price I think22:43

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