IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2013-04-01

*** Osso has joined #circuits03:32
prologicOsso hey :)03:47
prologicyou've missed a bit :)03:47
prologicwhat you up to?03:47
Ossorecovring from work on easter :)03:48
OssoI am mostly done catching up with my feeds :D03:48
prologichaha me too!03:49
prologicI did lots of work around the gardens03:49
prologicI'm wrecked :/03:49
prologicAhh so you're aware of all the recent changessets? :)03:49
OssoI see the emails so I have seen the title but I haven't looked into them03:51
OssoI'll have quite some free time next month04:00
OssoI'll be alone so I'll be bored04:00
*** prologic has joined #circuits04:22
prologicI wonder why this fails on the 2nd test04:22
prologicspaceone, ping?04:46
prologicI thought HTTP Header order did not matter so much04:46
prologicSo why are we bothering trying to keep an order?04:47
prologicI just realized we're implementing OrderedDict in circuits.web.utils04:47
prologicI'm opt we remove it and just ust a normal dict04:47
Ossomy girlfriend is leaving to defend her thesis06:04
Ossothey come with an order in the request06:17
Ossoit could be nice to keep it06:17
Ossothen again the defaultdict is roughly keeping the insert order06:17
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spaceoneprologic: because RFC 2616 says that is nice to have an order where server related headers are send first11:49
prologicLess is more13:47
prologicIf its not mandatory lets drop it13:47
prologicItll make header handling much faster13:47
prologicAlso my new server is up13:47
prologicIll be migrating things over to it over the jextb2 weeks13:48
prologicnight mate14:49
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