IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2013-04-06

yeikprologic, i haven't been here before05:50
prologicyeik:  what brings tou hete?06:13
yeikwas looking up electronics channels and saw this.06:19
yeikthought i would join the channel06:19
yeiklooking over the stuff, might use the framework for some of my projects. we will see.06:20
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spaceoneyeik: but you know what the circuits framework is? it has nothing to do with electronic circuits10:27
yeikevent driven Asynchronous application framework in python11:58
spaceoneah ok12:03
spaceoneprologic: ping me when online12:03
prologicyeik, yeah sorry about that :)14:32
prologicall about an application framework14:32
prologicnot electronics :)14:32
spaceonehe is aware of this14:36
prologichey spaceone14:52
prologicwhat's the current issues with circuits.web now?14:52
prologicsomething about the self.clients reliability?14:52
spaceoneprologic: hmm, yes... you understood the problem, right?14:54
spaceonei don't think it is that important14:54
prologicyeah I'm not sure it matters much either14:56
prologicbecause the old Response object will be garbage colelcted14:56
prologicand we do cleanup the self.clients later on when the client has disconencted14:56
spaceonenot in every python implemention14:57
prologicwhat we don't do is setup a timer per client and disconnect them after x amount of time14:57
spaceoneprologic: also if you want to get the response object you can't use __client[sock]14:58
prologicwhy would you want to?14:58
spaceonee.g. logging, etc.14:59
prologicI actually think with careful coding we could delete self.clients altogether14:59
prologiclogging should also be an event hwoever14:59
spaceoneprologic: what do you think about the disconnect clients afert X seconds thing?15:02
prologicwe can do that15:03
spaceoneprologic: are there other points you wanted to talk about?15:08
prologicI think that was the only one you raised so far15:18
prologicthe only small issue I have with this15:19
prologicis that it adds further complexity to the server15:19
prologicwhich costs in terms of raw performance15:19
prologicwe may want to think about building a separate component for this15:19
prologicand making it part of the Server graph15:19
prologicand not BaseServer15:19
prologicspaceone, I'll add a story related to the Timer thing. Can you describe the correct behavior this should be though?19:05
prologicspaceone, Also, what are we doing about self.clients and the fact I change the Response object for errors?19:05
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spaceoneprologic: currently nothing, don't have time :D21:36
prologicI'll write a story up then22:53
prologicbut I won't put any detail inot it right now22:53
prologicuntil we work out the details22:53

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