IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2013-04-09

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spaceoneprologic: ping11:31
spaceoneprologic: i extracted http related things from SF into an own project which is released on github11:31
spaceoneplease look at it and do a little comment/feedback11:32
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prologicspaceone:  cool15:26
prologichow different are these to circuits.web?15:26
prologicI think we're just missing a few methods and Date class?15:26
spaceonei removed all the trash15:26
prologicdon't be so negative :)15:27
spaceoneokay ;)15:27
prologicyou talk like the code I wrote is all rubbish :)15:27
prologicI'm all "for" improving code :)15:27
spaceonethe code cherrypy wrote15:27
prologicyou ever heard of the expression15:27
prologic"if it ain't broke, don't fix it?"15:27
spaceoneyou heard of 'if it looks ugly and has too much code, fix it!'15:28
prologiclet's integrate your httoop work into circuits/web?15:28
spaceonewhy not15:28
spaceonebut wait 2 weeks15:28
spaceonei will do the work15:28
prologicI don't want to change anything with circuits.web right now anyway15:29
prologicI'm trying to get chores and bugs out of the way15:29
prologicand release 2.1.015:29
prologicthen we'll improve more of the codebase15:29
spaceoneyes, good15:29
prologicright now things works and all tests pass15:29
prologicso we're concentrating on getting 2.1.0 out15:29
spaceonedo you want to split the repos for circ and circ.web ?15:29
prologicno I don't think so15:30
prologicwe discussed this a while ago15:30
prologicwe will keep in circuits what the core developers maintain15:30
prologicanything else will/should go into circuits.contrib15:30
spaceonei should really be consequentive and go to bed ;:D15:59
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