IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2013-04-12

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spaceoneprologic: can you please give me the URL from the project13:07
spaceoneprologic: i got my results16:22
spaceonefor SF16:23
spaceonefunctionality and architecture: 100%16:23
spaceonecode documentation: 100%16:23
spaceonedocumentation (text): 98%16:23
spaceone(i told them about HTTP, current use, REST and SF instead of my order, working implementation, conclusion, etc. BS)16:27
prologicgood job!16:40
spaceoneprologic: today i implemented http date functionalities into httoop16:48
spaceoneprologic: can you give me synonyms for 'model'... i think it is not the word i searched for when describing httoop16:50
prologicif we integrate it inot circuits.web16:51
prologicI was just going to suggest16:51
spaceonebtw i wrote an first implementation of the 'read' handler using httoop16:53
spaceonewanna see it?16:53
prologicHow is this different from our current read handler?17:10
spaceoneit does not use an extern parser with enums, it is structured and clear, it is readable and it has only 100 lines17:13
spaceonewith comments and so on17:13
spaceonethe actual circuit.web _on_read has 100 lines plus the whole file plus the wrappers17:15
spaceonewhich is also not oop17:16
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