IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-04-17

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spaceoneronny: (prologic): ping18:58
spaceonewhen does gzip compression makes sense? (for text documents?)18:59
spaceone(live compression)18:59
spaceoneand in which byte range18:59
ronnyi dont know the tradeoffs of compression schmes and data patterns/sizes off-hand19:07
ronnyspaceone, its something you will have to explore19:07
ronnyspaceone, what use-case do you try to support?19:07
spaceoneronny: i was just wondering, because http supports gzip encoding and i wanted to know if it makes sense to implement it for some cases19:08
ronnyspaceone, i am under the impression that for websites something like deflate makes sense19:09
ronnyyou need to test the tradeoffs19:09
spaceoneyes, i heard so too19:09
ronnyhow much time for encode/decode vs the time saved in transfer for example19:10
ronnyi just remember the vauge recommedation, but i have no data to test that one19:10
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