IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2013-05-02

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jgiorgisorry for my absence and fyi anything flagged/highlighted for me since my last check in was not received04:06
prologichey Justin :)04:19
prologicThat's ok :)04:19
prologicThat's why we have IRC Logs now :)04:19
prologicHave had for some time now!!!04:19
prologicHi :)04:19
jgiorgioh duh, i can just go search those :)04:31
prologicwe're a little slow getting 2.2.0 out the door I'm afraid04:32
prologicbeen very busy myself at work and at home04:32
prologicwe could do with some help to finish off the 2.2. release04:32
jgiorgii might be able to help but i'm pretty swamped myself04:45
jgiorgijust moved... again and today i got my main dev box up and running04:45
jgiorgispent far too much time on a rediculous problem (power switch failed)04:46
prologicyeah well if you can in any way04:56
prologicplease have a look at the list of tasks on pivotal tracker04:56
jgiorgiok i'll take a look in a bit :)05:08
jgiorgianything new and exciting?05:08
prologicno not really05:27
prologicmostly bug fixes and code review05:27
jgiorgistory of my life05:30
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