IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2013-05-13

prologicsweet :)00:00
amee2huskysomehow i'm getting the first two messages out of order now00:00
prologicdo you know why it works now? :)00:00
amee2huskyno >_>00:00
prologicyes you will be possibly00:00
prologiclet me look at your code again00:00
amee2husky2013-05-13 01:58:26 [1368403106.LIVE365:00]adding live365 client [TRH] for station handle member_1047419007500:00
amee2husky2013-05-13 01:58:26 [LOGGER:01]===== Opened log file =====00:00
amee2huskyi didn't change anything00:01
prologicyou have not merged with my branch of your code yet?00:02
prologicor you didn't push your changes00:02
amee2huskyi ran the commands but hg commit says "nothing changed"00:02
prologicdo a hg push?00:03
prologic hg out upstream00:04
prologiccomparing with
prologicsearching for changes00:04
prologicno changes found00:04
prologicbeautiful :)00:04
prologicyou've just successfully done a complete cycle of mercurial-based code management :)00:04
prologicregarding the order of things00:04
amee2huskylol, ok00:04
prologicthere is no way to guarantee the order of your logging (at first000:04
prologicunless you explicitely setup your logger first00:05
prologicand add/register your other components when that's running00:05
prologicsort of like a "core" component00:05
amee2huskyhmm i see00:05
prologicin fact it's a good pattern00:05
amee2huskyi've been considering that anyway00:05
prologicmaybe with a PluginManager as well00:05
prologicwhich then loads up your other components00:05
prologiconce the Core is "ready"00:06
amee2huskygah, creepy internet hickups are starting again :\00:08
amee2huskyeither our shitty wire pair is finally dead or they're working on the phone system somewhere00:09
amee2huskythe last few days we've been getting intermittent internet outages between like 10PM and 5 in the morning00:09
amee2huskyi've been considering that anyway because i have a vague plan to make the components to run configurable00:10
amee2huskyinstead of just putting the components in the code00:10
amee2huskymmh whats the PluginManager? i can't find it in the docs00:11
prologicwe don't have one yet00:12
prologicit was a suggestion :)00:12
prologichave a look through kb's codebase00:12
prologicfor some ideas00:12
prologicit's fully pluggable (when it was working)00:12
prologicbut at least you can borrow ideas from it00:12
prologicit even allowed you to specify what plugins you wanted to load by config ifle00:13
prologicand you could load/unload them via irc commands00:13
prologicI might fix up kdb at some point00:13
prologicbut not today :)00:13
amee2huskythat would be awesome :300:13
amee2huskymmh, i'm gonna fold for the night00:48
amee2huskyinternet is basically unusable at the moment00:48
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Romsterlunch break02:22
Romsteroh yeah don't looked surprised prologic i've been a fur for ages now, just haven't shown many people.02:24
Romsteramee2husky, making any progress i see you have some code now.02:26
amee2huskyi had code for a few days now02:28
amee2huskyinternet is pretty shit at the moment02:29
amee2huskythe problem is i have a non-resumable download and i'm about 80% done by now02:29
amee2huskyfortunately the TCP timeout was longer than the internet cutouts so far02:29
amee2huskywe get intermittent bursts of total packet loss lasting about 10-30 seconds02:30
amee2huskyevery few minutes02:30
amee2huskythis is the third night in a row that happened... if it doesn't stop soon i'll whack someone's head in02:33
amee2huskyit starts at sometime between 10PM and like 2AM02:33
amee2huskyand continues until stupid o'clock in the morning02:34
Romsteryeah i read that02:35
Romsterwell if ya get stuck i can suck it up on and then you can resume from there.02:36
amee2huskythe download speed display is totally useless due to the break-ins, but i seem to be averaging about 30-40kBps so i should be done in about an hour02:37
amee2huskyits from a shitty file hoster, and the download isn't resumable02:37
Romsteri got 100mbit on the server i can get it in one hit if you get stuck.02:37
Romsteri hate those sites that don't support byte ranges for downloading.02:38
amee2huskywell, you'd have to re-download everything i already have02:39
Romsterbut then you could resume where yours left off.02:40
Romsterthunder... hope the power don't go out.02:41
amee2huskyi only have about 100MB left to go of a 700MB file02:41
Romsteroh that's only small.02:41
amee2huskyyeah but its throttled to 50kB/s02:41
amee2huskythe connection held out for like 400MB this way, i'll just see if it holds for another hour02:42
amee2huskyeven with the TCP retransmit delays i'm still averaging like 35-40kB02:43
Romsterlatency must be bouncing all over the place.02:48
amee2huskyactually, while it works the line is reasonably stable02:49
amee2huskyrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 29.334/30.771/38.791/1.832 ms02:50
Romsternot as bad as i was expecting02:50
amee2huskythe problem is the total drop-outs02:51
amee2huskywhere nothing happens anymore at all02:51
Romsterso there bacicly playing on off games with you being affected.02:52
Romsteri've rebooted my firewall a few times and not have irc even ping me out, same deal with downloads.02:52
amee2huskyi would try reset the router, but that guarantees that the open download connection will die02:53
Romsteryeah don't do that until after the download is done.02:55
Romsteri gotta go again... work.02:55
amee2huskyheh, i'll probably just go to bed and leave it running now02:57
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amee2huskyprologic: i have another creepy crash :315:29
amee2huskyif i don't set anything expicitly, what channel does a component get events from?15:53
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