IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2013-05-23

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spaceoneprologic: awake?13:13
prologicno but ask away ;)13:14
prologicill answer in the morning!13:14
spaceonein circuits there is BytesIO used as request body13:19
spaceonea request body contain bytes which depends on the Content-Type header13:20
spaceoneso it can be a image/png or application/json or text/plain or text/html or ...13:20
spaceonesome mime types have an encoding enforced13:21
spaceonee.g. application/json must be UTF-813:21
spaceonean image does not have an character set13:21
spaceonefor text and html we have the charset parameter13:21
spaceoneas an developper you want to work with UTF-8 internally, right?13:22
spaceoneat least you want to work with unicode objects, not with bytes13:23
spaceonei am only thinking about how that can be simplified, in some rare cases we need bytes (images, music,) but that is not often used in the _request_ body13:24
spaceonewould it make sense to use unicode (StringIO) internally instead of BytesIO ?13:25
ronnyresist the temptation to guess13:45
spaceoneronny: ?13:48
ronnya http body is always bytes13:48
ronnycontent type just gives a hint on how to interpret them13:48
ronnybut dont just go ahead and interpret them for the user13:48
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