IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2013-07-01

prologicno it really isn't00:07
jgiorgifrom what i can see it just looks like circuits.web isn't waiting for the call to complete but i could be wrong05:23
jgiorgivery simple test case05:25
jgiorgirev 3922 circuits-dev05:26
prologiccan you file an issue with these details and pastes?05:47
jgiorgibitbucket or pivotaltracker?05:51
prologiceither or05:54
prologicbitbucket is fine05:55
jgiorgisubmitted as issue #44, i'll poke around to see if i can fix it but i'm still not very good at following the trail of circuits.web06:02
*** jgiorgi has quit IRC06:06

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