IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2013-07-02

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jgiorgiis there a method of prioritizing events (not prioritizing event handlers) ie setting certain events to only execute when no other events are in the queue?05:14
jgiorgithe use case here is queue processing verses user-traffic, web-server related events should be processed at all costs while queue processing (like database tasks) can be held05:16
jgiorgioutside of circuits my other solution would be multiple processes and nice'ing the low priority stuff but that adds in the complexity of IPC05:16
prologicfunnily enough yes there is05:18
prologicevent priority was added to circuits in dev05:18
prologicyou can fire/call events at a given priority05:18
prologicwhich by default all defaults to the same priority05:18
jgiorgiwow, i did not expect that response05:21
jgiorgidoes an example of this function exist?05:23
prologicI believe there are unit tests for it - yes05:28
prologicno example in examples/ however05:28
jgiorgiunit tests are good enough to demonstrate the behavior :)05:28
jgiorgigreater priority value is lower priority or higher?05:30
jgiorgiand can the priority be set in the event definition rather than when fired?05:31
prologiccurrently I think it's just a kwarg to fire/call05:36
prologiclower numbers == higher priority05:38
prologiccircuits uses a heap queue for this05:38
jgiorgiok cool05:58

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