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jgiorgisorry for the spam, i thought i removed the channel join04:58
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jgiorgiprologic, the issue (#49) i just submitted is more of a solution than an issue, i included a diff to upgrade the IRC protocol Component for AWAY05:28
prologicoh sweet05:28
prologicdon't suppose you could do it as a fork and pull request ?05:29
prologicso I can just "click" a button and merge it in :)05:29
jgiorgisure, it's a really damn simple improvement05:29
jgiorgigive me 2 mins05:29
prologicthanks :)05:30
prologicwhen at all possible I like pull requests :)05:30
prologicalso gives me a chance to review it before accepting it as well which is nice05:31
prologicand generally comment on the new changes05:31
prologicperhaps when you're done submitting the pull request you'd like to reply to the mailing list saying that you've now added this new feature to circuits-dev?05:31
prologicI'm sure the user wanting this will be very happy :)05:31
jgiorgii actually just replied with an explaination on how to do it with RAW events (for AWAY and WHOIS)05:32
jgiorgiand numeric events05:32
prologicI did too didn't i? :)05:38
prologicor did I accidentally reply to him privately05:38
prologicI'm not sure now :)05:38
jgiorgiyou explained listening for line events05:38
jgiorgibut the server doesnt send lines when a nick is marked as away, and it's easier to handle the numeric for detecting who is away05:39
jgiorgii explained that part too05:39
jgiorgitesting it it seems only the first word of my wonderful away message is passed to the server, trying to figure out why before i send a pull request05:40
jgiorgihrmm, freenode does not obey the IRC protocol spec05:45
prologicyeah it's like I said05:47
prologicI'm not sure that servers broadcast away messages to other uses05:47
prologicit's usually only a command you give to a server05:47
prologicand the states of which only shows up in whois responses05:48
jgiorgithe 301 numeric is sent from the server whenever you send a command directed at an away user05:48
jgiorgiso WHOIS, PRIVMSG, NOTICE, etc05:48
jgiorgisolved it by obeying the spec, apparently i need new glasses05:52
jgiorgipull-request submitted05:52
jgiorgiprologic, should i add a WHOIS event too? it's really simple05:55
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jgiorgiprologic, updated the pull request, wrote a basic WHOIS command06:00
prologicjust fix the styling so it's PEP8 compliant06:05
prologicand I'll hit that Approve and Merge buttons :)06:05
jgiorgifixing, flake8 doesnt have a "just f---ing do it yourself" option does it?06:06
jgiorgii did it all manually06:07
prologicunfortunately not06:08
jgiorginice tool you found, didnt know it existed, i dont agree entirely with pep8 but most of it is very valid to clean code, i'll just have to write something to handle that without me searching for stray spaces06:08
prologicI use this thing called syntastic06:08
prologica vim plugin06:08
jgiorgihrmm, i'll look06:08
prologicthat makes little sidebar red markers if I break the rules06:08
prologicso I never normally violate pep8 rules06:09
jgiorgianyway pep8 compliance fixed, passes flake8 (the rest of circuits doesnt lol ;) )06:09
prologicthanks :)06:09
prologicwell the rest of circuits should :)06:09
prologicI did run the entire codebase through it a few times06:09
prologicbut other contributors might have broken it since :)06:09
prologicflake8 itself is nice for python devleopment06:10
prologicit does: pep8 style chefking06:10
prologicas well as flake checking (basic syntax checking06:10
prologicas well as cycloclomatic complexity checking06:10
jgiorgiya know you're better than a programming textbook for making me google big words06:11
jgiorgiheck my astrophysics books dont make me think this much06:11
prologiccomes with years of experience :)06:12
prologicand pain :)06:12
jgiorgimostly pain06:12
jgiorgiprologic, not using your testing methods i have written tests mostly by copy/paste, how to i run the script and what testing mechanism do i need06:24
prologicpip install pytest06:33
prologicpy.test <file>06:33
jgiorgidone, tests written, tests pass, passes flake806:37
prologicawesome job :)06:38
jgiorgislavedriver :)06:39
prologicI would have expected no less of myelf06:40
prologicI was only encoring you to do what I would have done06:40
jgiorgiand an incomplete job isnt worth crap, i appreciate the push to comply with project standards, i would do the same for anyone contributing to my code06:40
jgiorgitpelka, the patches i mentioned in my response to your group post are now in circuits-dev and ready for use :)06:50
prologictpelka:  also hi and welcome to circuits06:50
tpelkathanks prologic jgiorgi :D06:53
jgiorgimeh, it was a good distraction from doing actual work :)06:54
jgiorginow i just need to find a few more and i could avoid work all night06:54
prologicjgiorgi:  there are plenty of issues on bitbucket06:54
prologicand plenty of stories on pivotal tracker06:55
prologicfeel free to work on one or more :)06:55
prologicplease :)06:55
prologicI'm staypped for time with work and family and baby at home :)06:55
prologicand still dead desktop at home (hopefully by working by the weekend)06:55
prologicanyway I'm outta here06:55
prologiccyas later06:55
jgiorgiyeah and i really really need that event argument thing fixed06:55
jgiorgiso i guess i can take a stab at that06:55
jgiorgino test writting at least lol06:55
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jgiorgiprologic, where is the code for passing the event argument?19:07
jgiorginvm think i found it19:32
jgiorgifixed it :D20:13
jgiorgidamn broke a lot of test20:25
prologicjgiorgi:  yeah don't break other tests :)23:56
prologicby breaking other tests you are breaking existing behaviors :)23:56

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