IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2013-07-19

jgiorgiprologic, to be honest i cant see why i would have broken anything, literally all i did was add the event attribute to a wrapped handler04:35
jgiorgiso i just got home and im looking at it04:36
prologicshow me what you did?04:36
jgiorgii did a few test cases this morning and i determined that handler was properly setting the event attribute (event for Controller methods) but expose was not04:38
jgiorgino i set it, and it works but it broke by my count 67 tests04:38
jgiorgiunless, wait, i copied the wrapper.event = True line from expose to exposeJSON, that will account for many of the failures04:40
prologicI think I've fixed it04:40
prologicgimme a sec04:41
prologicfixed and pushed04:44
prologicyou were on the right track04:44
prologicbut I realized the solution was even simpler04:44
prologican oversight if you will on my part04:44
prologicthe @expose decorator creates a wrapper04:44
prologicand decorates04:45
prologicand further decorates04:45
prologicI forgot about the original function having "event" as it's first argument04:45
jgiorgitests pass? i thought not deleting wrapper.args[0] would confuse the dispatcher04:46
jgiorgiie it would think another argument is required to match this handler to the url04:46
prologicyes tests pass05:18
prologicI don't think it should05:19
prologicbut let me know if it does in some way05:19
prologicconfuse the dispatcher that is05:19
jgiorgierm, i got the same failures as my code produced05:30
prologicthe web tests pass for me here05:33
jgiorgi71 failed, 203 passed, 30 skipped in 76.58 seconds05:50
jgiorgirunning all tests, before the revision i had 505:50
prologicI'll look into it06:20
prologicI only get one failing here06:25
prologiccan you fix that import error?06:26
prologicI think you caused that :)06:26
jgiorgii dont think your code has updated06:27
jgiorgithats the protocols test
jgiorgino errors06:32
jgiorgitesting web: 70 failed, 28 passed, 4 skipped in 12.50 seconds06:33
jgiorgirolling back one revision06:34
jgiorgi3 failed, 95 passed, 4 skipped in 12.16 seconds06:34
jgiorgiall of them like this assert '' in ' - - [18/Jul/2013:23:33:12] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 12 "" "Python-urllib/2.7"'06:34
jgiorgiall 3 that is when i roll back06:34
prologicthis cannot be true06:36
prologicI have the exact same repo :)06:36
prologicI shall create a new virtual environment06:36
jgiorgithat's a fresh clone of
prologicyeah my repo is up-to-date06:38
jgiorginot installed? develop mode not working?06:38
prologicthis is really weird06:45
prologicI still only get that one failure06:45
prologicyeah dnno06:47
prologicworks fine here06:47
prologicexcept that WHOIS ImportError06:47
prologiccya on the weekend hopefoully06:47
prologichopefully I get my desktop working06:47
jgiorgiok, i'll keep digging06:48
jgiorgithat import error works with the code i submitted because i created the WHOIS event06:48
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