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jgiorgidamn, now i'm getting the response before the call completes03:35
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jgiorgisomeone's playing with a circuits bot lol18:22
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prologicjgiorgi:  hey21:34
prologicjust read backlog21:34
prologicnot sure how to use client cert tbh21:34
prologicI didn't add that feature :)21:34
prologicnever tried that kind of auth21:34
jgiorgifair enough, i'll figure out how to work that in21:35
jgiorgii just had a major attack, i'm done with password based auths21:35
prologicpassword based auth sucks ass21:35
prologicit really truly does21:35
jgiorgii had 100k/hr crack attempts, kept rotating addresses, user-agents, etc21:36
jgiorgiit was a bitch to ban them all21:36
jgiorgianyway, no that circuits.web functions again i'm having a problem with using self.call21:37
prologicgeez fuck21:37
prologicwhat kind of website do you run that attracted that kind of attack?21:37
jgiorgithat was split between my websites admin panel and one of my clients21:37
jgiorgithe client is just a search engine, it's just in beta, no idea what they were attempting to accomplish21:38
jgiorgiyielding a string works fine but when i yield execution never returns to the handler and the request hangs, from what i can see request_success events are going through before the event i called21:39
prologictub I'm not sure atm21:41
prologictoo early in the morning  - not enough caffeine :)21:41
prologicbut I did fix my desktop at home21:41
prologicso I'll be able to help out a bit more and fix bugs21:41
prologicand hopefully get 2.2 out the door21:41
jgiorgisounds good21:44
jgiorgii have the code forked atm so im functional with passing around references and calling methods directly21:45
jgiorgiit's a messy method in an event-based framework but it gets the job done21:45
jgiorgiprologic, what is the current method to stop execution of an event by a filter and what priority would intercept the Request event after the cookie is set but before execution of the page handler22:00
prologica normal priority handler22:02
prologicuse event.stop()22:02
prologicfilters re deprecated22:02
prologicany handler can now stop event propagation22:02
jgiorgithanks, it kinda looked like that in the code but i wasnt sure22:03
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jgiorgidoes raising an error in one handler prevent further processing by other handlers?22:13
jgiorgiso any ideas on why the response events would be going off before the call'ed event and execution isnt returning to the handlers?23:50
jgiorgii'm happy to work on it but im lost on where to start23:50
prologicok well first off23:52
prologicbecause of the feedback nature of event handlers23:52
prologicyou will see the RequestSuccess, etc fire off before you think it should23:52
prologicwhen you use call/wait23:53
prologicthat's the logic of the main event dispatcher23:53
prologicnot really sure what to do about that23:53
prologicas for it not returning control23:54
prologicyou'd have to do some digging I think23:54
prologicin my simplest test case call/wait inside a circuits.web request handler does work23:55
prologicbut maybe there are some edge cases23:55
jgiorgiim thinking somehow our event attribute broke the simple test case, i cant even get a simple test case to work now23:56
jgiorgithat fails, just hangs23:59

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