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ninkotechhi, i found a bug in tutorial docs :D08:48
ninkotech  --    line 22 needs to be:  print("Woof! I'm %s!" %
ninkotechlol omh, please ignore those 2 lines, lol08:50
ninkotechstill, the output is not empty as described in docs when i tried to run it first time, errors came out (which might be a new feature)::
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prologicninkotech, hi09:19
prologicninkotech, yes you are quite right09:22
prologicthat's a bug :)09:22
prologicI'll fix it shortly09:22
prologicbut hopefully you get the general idea anyway09:23
ninkotechyes :D09:23
prologicoh wait09:26
prologicI looked again09:26
prologicthat was deliberate :)09:26
ninkotechprologic: ?09:26
prologicto show you how to debug code09:27
ninkotechyes, i got the idea shortly09:27
prologic*sigh* :)09:27
prologicwelcome to circuits09:27
ninkotechprologic: i am looking for library which will help me with my problem... few computers sharing data -- from small changes to large(>2GB) data blobs.  i need them communicate async, run rpc,  transfer data...09:29
ninkotechpyro would help with much of that, but might not be scaleable well (maybe if i patch it using gevent, it might work for me)09:30
ninkotech(talking about pyro4)09:30
ninkotechbut i am not happy with it09:30
ninkotechi am writing kind of distributed database/filesystem09:31
ninkotechcircuits are fast enough for me, but i am not sure how to make async or sync RPC with it easily09:32
ninkotechi have seen somewhere that someone is planning to write some distributed thing with it... is that available somehow?09:33
ninkotechcan circuits web  accept files  > 2GB using http PUT?  -- And can it stream them directly to file, not into memory?09:34
ninkotechmost pythonic frameworks are choking with it09:34
ninkotechor overflowing on 2GB09:34
prologiccircuits.web can stream files to disk09:37
prologicand you can use circuits to do distributed stuff via circuits.node09:38
prologiccurrently only json is used as serialization at this time09:38
prologicbut I might plan to add other forms like msgpack or similar09:38
prologicbut yeah streaming large quanitites of data is not a problem09:38
ninkotechjson is not bad09:39
ninkotechi have my own date format :D09:39
prologicthat's fine09:39
ninkotechin base62 encoding, lol09:39
prologicanyway circuits will both09:39
prologica) scale09:39
prologicb) and be quite flexible in what you want to do09:39
prologicalso there are XMLRPC and JSONRPC components in circuits.web09:40
ninkotechprologic: i will end up with >100 machines talking to each other, syncing some data with each other09:40
prologicbbs - dinner09:40
ninkotechit will be distributed hell or heaven, lol09:40
prologicyeah that'll be fine09:40
prologicjust be sure you also use multipe processes09:41
prologicand some load balancer in front09:41
ninkotechwhy multiple processes?09:41
ninkotech:)  after dinner, i can wait09:41
ninkotech... so to be clear about docs bug, its this: it said to me that the output will be empty. i tried it -- and i have seen error messages pointing to the problem, not empty output   -- i fixed that and reported it here, hehe09:54
ninkotechprologic: about multiple processes: i plan to use 1 for data, 1 for metadata09:59
ninkotechall i need is 30 small requests/s10:00
ninkotech(syncing metadata)10:01
ninkotechand larger requests, up to 3/s  (syncing data)10:01
ninkotechi am also thinking about using ipv6 for multicasting, but i am not really sure how that might work, as i have little ipv6 experience10:02
prologicI have little ipv6 experience too11:11
prologicbut circuits supports ipv611:11
prologicalso but multiple processes11:11
prologicI mean spreading the load11:11
prologicasync != concurrency11:11
ninkotechprologic: imho 'simple' chat server might be good for metadata sync11:53
ninkotechi need to do this: open tcp connection to 5 other servers, talking them until we are synced, close11:54
ninkotechi will do that from other sides too, but i dont think it will need more processes ;D11:54
ninkotechbtw most examples fail to run in python311:55
prologicare you using the dev nranch?12:14
ninkotechused just pip install circuits13:31
ninkotechis it possible to fire remote events ? how?  some examples for that would be nice13:32
ninkotechpip install  circuits==dev -> error in .../circuits/web/apps/memorymonitor/  line 178   -- print without '()'14:20
ninkotechthe same thing is once more there in the function  -- print14:30
ninkotecheven in bitbucket source14:30
ninkotech... merge request will come soon14:44
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ninkotechfixes coming here:
prologicninkotech, ping?21:37
prologicmorning (+10 GMT here)21:37

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