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jgiorgiprologic, is there a current method of executing the circuits main loop once?01:30
jgiorgiim working with a simple gui app and i need to iterate gui loop, iterate circuits loop, repeat01:31
prologicno don't do it that way:)01:34
prologicbut to answer your question01:34
prologicor <manager_instance>.tick()01:34
prologicbetter to write a generate_events handler01:34
prologicthat ticks over the gui loop01:34
prologicgrep the codebase for generate_events01:35
jgiorgihrmm i guess01:35
prologicbasically think of generate_events as the @ticke replacement01:35
prologicwell they are01:35
prologicwe just simplifed the whole thing01:35
prologicif you want a new event source01:35
prologicwrite a generate_events handler01:35
prologicbe it gtk, qt, pygame, pyinotify01:36
prologicin fact I think the pyinotify component implements a generate_events handler01:36
prologicI'm pretty sure01:36
prologicbtw my desktop is mostly all up and hunki dori01:36
jgiorgiwish i could say the same01:36
prologicahh no sorry01:37 doesn't do that01:37
prologicthe pyinotify apis are not async firnedly01:37
prologicbut in any case01:37
jgiorgiyeah they really aren't01:37
jgiorgiand that makes me very mad that nobody thought to make it possible to run without a loop when that change is at best 3 lines01:38
jgiorgibut meh, that's the first rule of computing01:38
prologicthere's an example in examples of this01:38
prologicwhich implements a new event source01:38
prologicncurses events from urwid01:39
jgiorgii debated doing this in ncurses but decided against it01:39
prologicall the pollers use generate_events01:40
prologicas well as the Timer01:40
prologicand Process01:40
prologicif you do implement a good gui generate_events handler01:41
prologicand other useful things01:41
prologicbe sure to throw them in circuits.contrib01:41
prologicmight be useful to otehrs :)01:41
jgiorgii'll throw it in contrib :)01:41
jgiorgiit'll be very basic, i'm just killing time writing a game, trying to get my head around work again01:41
prologicI'm still working on my desktop01:42
prologicand trying to get back into the swing of things01:42
prologici.e: circuits 2.201:42
prologicneed to install python 2.6, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and pypy01:42
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ircnotifierdc98e5fd6f13 by prologic: Added support for sending notifications to multiple channels (comma separated)02:26
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jgiorgiprologic, sorry forgot to mark that as resolved but yeah it works and i have a codebase operating on that primitive quite well04:29
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