IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2013-07-30

prologicwoot woot00:10
prologicbought myself a 22RU (600mm D) rack cabinet today00:10
prologichave to assemble it when it arrives00:10
prologicbut that'll be okay00:10
prologicfirst thing to go in it will be a Synology RS812 1RU 4-bay NAS00:11
ninkotechplease dont play with php :)07:50
ninkotecheven pgp might be wrong choice...07:54
ninkotechi would say even gpg is bad, as they can decrypt it years back if they get/crack the key...07:57
ninkotechssl would be enough08:02
ninkotech <- otr in pure python08:23
ninkotechmight be interesting08:24
ninkotechbut btw md5 is bad idea right there08:28
ninkotechits not easy to do crypto right for people who are not experts08:28
ninkotech  might also be useful08:30
ninkotechprologic: idea: make that solution pluggable08:31
ninkotechprologic:  i made the app1 sleep(20) before returning the object, and its doing one by one.. nicely10:01
ninkotechquestion: is there a way to find out how many events are waiting to be worked on?10:01
ninkotechor i should accept all events and store them into my own queue?10:07
ninkotechi need that to compute 'load' of different nodes10:07
prologicyou'd probably have to capture this yourself10:17
prologicI think10:17
prologicevents are enqueued and processed as quickly as poaaible10:17
prologiccircuits doesn't keep unncessary stats about what's going on10:17
prologicbut you can easily capture, sotre and compaute such stats10:17
prologicby listening to appropriate events a t higher priority10:18
prologicninkotech, and what were you suggesting to make pluggable?10:18
ninkotechi thought those events could be in some queue.. which i could check for size10:22
ninkotechnot sure yet10:22
ninkotech(how to make it pluggble)10:22
ninkotech1) possibility to make custom auth10:23
ninkotech2) custom message encoding/decoding10:24
ninkotech3) ssl10:24
ninkotech4) message signing/checking10:24
ninkotechthose 4 are potentialy different problems10:24
ninkotechjust making it pluggable (define your own encoder/decoder method)10:25
ninkotechor something similar would be nice10:25
ninkotechprologic:  what about firing events over udp, not waiting for results over tcp connection ?  The other side can fire events when they need to... is that possible?11:01
ninkotechcan remote system see that the calling one disconnected/crashed somehow?11:02
ninkotech(when using tcp)11:02
prologiclike I said11:20
prologicare my highest priority for circuits.node11:20
prologicas for checking size of queu, etc11:20
prologicnot really possible11:21
prologicyou'll never get anything useful out of that11:21
prologicbest to just listen for the events in question11:21
prologicand keep stats yourself11:21
prologiccircuits is highly optimized to run really fast11:21
prologicor as fast as possible given what it does11:21
prologicninkotech> can remote system see that the calling one disconnected/crashed somehow? -- yes11:22
prologicUDP would be nice as a transport alternative too11:22
prologicfood for thought :)11:22
prologicg'night :)11:22
ninkotechgn8... i am writing example of distributed dumb fibonacci computing cloud :)11:23
prologicsee that's the thing11:24
prologicuse-cases tend to make better apis11:24
prologicand abstractions :)11:24
prologicit's hard to think of what will fit most users's needs11:24
ninkotechwhat you neeed with circuits11:25
prologicwife's calling11:25
prologiccya tomorrow11:25
ninkotechis less implicit stuff11:25
ninkotechmore explicit11:25
prologicyou can have both11:25
prologicthe thing is though11:25
ninkotechits not helping to novices;...11:25
ninkotech:)  gn711:25
prologicthe architecutre means loose coupling is possible11:25
prologicgn8 :)11:26
ninkotechinteresting serializer:
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ConflictXhello :)17:56
jgiorgininkotech, ssl uses the same keypair structure as pgp/gpg (which are the same thing essentially) it can still be cracked years back if they get the key but ssl its sync comm, pgp can be used without a socket other than that the security issues are the same20:35
jgiorgiand... is there anything better? everything has a weakness, pgp's is only as weak as the human that secured their key20:36
ConflictXhello :)21:36
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jgiorgihey ConflictX sorry i stepped afk22:31

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