IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2013-08-02

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ninkotechprologic: something for inspiration  -- message signing:
ninkotech... requires common secret, but thats ok for me, can be changed every now and then09:35
ninkotech... its good if all signing/checking is done on machines controlled by you09:36
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prologicninkotech, cool10:47
prologicLeuX, hi there10:47
prologicninkotech, I started an ftp server protocol10:47
prologicbut haven't worked on it much more10:47
prologicmaybe you can continue on it?10:47
prologichopefully putting my 22RU rack cabinet together this weekend10:48
prologicexciting :)10:48
ninkotechprologic -> that ftp is nice, but i will 99% use pyfilesystem, which includes ftp interface (and few others)11:20
ninkotechi will just implement the low-level filesystem part of the problem11:21
ninkotechthat brings out a question for me - how to remotely call circuits from pyfilesystem :)11:21
ninkotechi will probably end up doing it as web services11:21
ninkotechif firing circuits events will not be possible from the pyfilesystem implementatin of my fs11:24
ninkotech(will have to try, for now i fixed few bugs in pyfilesystem and proftpdlib)11:24
ninkotechits good code, but bleeding edge is bleeding lol11:24
ninkotechi will try to help you with the ftp too though, if i will be able11:25
ninkotechits good excercize :D11:26
ninkotechstill, proftpd is very fast and good !11:27
ninkotechs/proftpd/pyftpdlib/, heh typo11:27
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