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jgiorgininkotech, prologic for message and/or code signing why not just use pgp? no shared secrets, keys can be managed effectively and it provides the same functionality?01:21
jgiorgimultiple modules exist for hg that allow revision signing, i've been using that forever01:22
jgiorgiwow, getsizeof makes no sense, None consumes 16 bytes, True consumes 24, a 64bit (aka 8 byte) integer consumes 24 that's a lot of overhead06:26
jgiorgii get that boolean type is just a subclass of int (which is stupid) but wow06:27
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prologicI think you'll find the overhead likes in the dicts of every object10:30
prologicevery object has a key/value mapping of attributes10:30
prologiceven functions, classes, and primitive types10:31
prologicit's not unreasonable really10:31
prologicit's what makes Python nice to use and convenient10:31
prologicimagine if a Boolean was just 1 byte10:31
prologicyou couldn't really do a lot with that10:31
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ircnotifierdc293fcce041 by prologic: Fixed Echo Server example -- Because TCPServer is a BaseComponent we need to explicitly use @handler here11:55
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jgiorgiyeah i poked around and saw a lot of where the overhead is20:37
jgiorgistill dont think a bool needs to be a subclass of int, really a boolean value is 1 bit, to use 192 bits for that is obscene20:39
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prologicjgiorgi, you can't do computations on a single bit23:39
prologicthe smallest unit you can do cmputations with is a byte23:39
prologicmay even be a word (2 bytes) these days on x86_6423:40

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