IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2013-08-05

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ninkotechjgiorgi: i agree boolean is really obscene thing (having 24bytes)09:35
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ninkotechjgiorgi: i would never use pgp.    gpg is more viable option for me, but even that is not perfect.   its slow. i cant accept having 20 messages/second  instead of 400/s09:51
ninkotechat least thats whats what my computer said now when i tested encoding 100 messages of 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'09:52
ninkotechcompared to simple |wc09:52
ninkotechthis is why most apps with many small messages just do 'secure' hashing (signing) of the message09:54
ninkotech//  well, signing is possible with gpg too, going to try signing speed10:20
ninkotech100 messages via |wc ->  0.25 sec10:42
ninkotechsigning -> 4.2 sec10:42
ninkotechencrypting -> 6.0 sec10:42
ninkotechi need that  under 1 second10:43
ninkotech^^ that part was runned in shell loop10:44
ninkotechusing itsdangerous lib with that hash  -> 1000  messages in 0.04 second10:46
ninkotech(signed, not encrypted)10:47
ninkotechto be fair, i will now try gpg in python too10:48
ninkotechwell. using python + gnupg python lib  -> 100 messages encrypted in 0.60 secs... not that bad. but still slow :)11:14
ninkotech>>> conclusion:   GPG is not one for all size tool.  we need other kinds of secure hashing (signing) of messages.11:15
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