IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2013-08-06

jgiorgininkotech, pgp == gpg, same underlying algorithms. i understand your speed concerns but keep in mind faster speed == less calculations == easier to break02:03
jgiorgifrankly i refuse to use any other cryptographic tool whether it's for signing or encrypting, it's just too much to manage02:03
jgiorgiwith pgp i have a web of trust i can build over time and a tool that gets the job done, the standard is extensible enough to allow for improvements into the forseeable future02:04
jgiorgiwhen i start having to add in support for other tools, managing different keys i get irritated fast, why reinvent the wheel? why does everyone use a different authentication method?02:05
jgiorgiwith pgp for data at rest and digital signing and ssl for data in transit we have a one-size-fits-all cryptographic solution and i can get back to real work02:06
jgiorgiregarding itsdangerous specifically why the heck use psk when we have better methods? psk is as antiquated and absurd as shared-bus ethernet02:11
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ninkotechjgiorgi: i know what you mean :) its convenient. but really not that good for hashing.  and btw when i found something convenient in security, i do not believe it... :)10:55
ninkotechits usually the point of mass exploitation10:56
ninkotechlike smartphones...10:56
ninkotechor everything 'smart' those days, including smart meters, smart semaphores, smart advertisement...10:58
ninkotechbtw great reading is 'the art of war' from sun tzu10:59
ninkotech.. back to encryption/signing - when i need to  make 50-100 * 10^6 daily messages, just twice as fast solution can make huge difference... even for energy bills11:10
ninkotechthats where idea of sha3 is coming from, btw (secure, fast hashing)11:15
ninkotecheven tor usesrs are not secure... :)

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