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ircnotifiera81c963bea4d by prologic: Better document and commment filter example and use explicit calls02:55
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ircnotifierb26892d77cfb by prologic: Document and comment hello example03:08
jgiorgisz0ka, that's the first time in a LONG time a website has made me literally LOL03:11
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jgiorgigoing offline for network upgrade T-45 min03:15
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jgiorgithat was faster than i expected, my ghost didnt even timeout03:49
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prologichey guys08:08
prologicI'm looking to migrate away from google apps08:08
prologic5 users08:08
prologicany opinions/recommendations?08:08
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prologichey ninkotech_09:07
prologicI'm thinking of migrating away from google apps09:07
prologicany opinions/recommendations?09:08
ninkotech_duckduckgo, startpage for starters09:28 uses google, but anonymizes it09:28   is standalone engine, might suck for some needs, but generally works good09:29
ninkotech_uses many collaborative sources (like wikipedia etc) to collect factoids09:29
ninkotech_those factoids might lie, as wikipedia does :)09:29
ninkotech_then there are distributed search engines09:30
ninkotech_so you might run your node09:30
ninkotech_and crawl internet for your fav topics09:30
ninkotech_they have various levels of usefullness09:31
ninkotech_for maps, i use osm  -- on mobile osmand09:31
ninkotech_and for your android device -> use  or     and f-droid.org09:34
ninkotech_i really liked   google wave, but i think google killed it to make space for g+09:35
ninkotech_as wave was federated service, not central one... controlled by agency and friends09:36
ninkotech_i have chatted with 'duckduckgo' author on freenode :)09:38
ninkotech_i have tried most those engines, and while they are interesting, they are not so nice yet09:41
prologicand for email/cal/card/files?10:03
prologicI'm going to be buying a Synology NAS for home at some point soon10:03
prologicso I'll be able to use that for private cloud storage at home, etc10:03
prologicand I'm thinking of installing owncloud10:03
prologicemail/cal/card/etc I'm not sure about yet10:04
prologicAtMail, eGroupware, Kolab, Horde10:04
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prologichi mfdl11:51
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ninkotech_prologic: i dont mail/card/cal13:12
ninkotech_irc is my most used communication tool13:13
ninkotech_then jabber13:13
ninkotech_then nothing..... and few mails/month13:13
prologichow do you communicate atw work?13:20
ninkotech_using jabber or  voip using hw phone15:14
ninkotech_i get just 2-3 mails  monthly15:15
ninkotech_(for work)15:15
ninkotech_mail is so 197015:15
ninkotech_prologic: i do not like mail. it sucks. its bad from admin/user point of view15:16
ninkotech_so much spam, failures, etc15:16
ninkotech_and even abuse15:16
ninkotech_if i will use mail again, it will be with white filters15:17
ninkotech_i will rather make my own fascistbook clone  and make people using it to talk to me than using mail :))15:19
ninkotech_prologic: how would you like multinode channel?15:55
ninkotech_idea: make temporary channel for multiple nodes, make them all fire events on that channel to talk to each other15:56
ninkotech_is that really a good idea or no?15:56
ninkotech_tell me when you wake up, prologic :)15:56
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