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sz0kahey prologic and jgiorgi, sorry but I wasn't able to use my computer for the past days and the irc runs on a dedicated server :D13:01
sz0kaI thought: "hey, read the examples first before you start", so I'll do this first, rewrite my application and finally ask questions when i get error13:02
sz0kaand here is my first question targetting the event.stop() in the hello handler of this example:
sz0kawill only THIS handler (of the object) stop handling the requests or will no event with this topic be fired anymore :)?13:03
sz0kaprologic: and thank you for the inotify thing13:04
sz0kabrilliant yo!13:04
sz0kaand i like the node thing13:07
sz0kathis is so kickass!13:08
sz0kabut i found a typo in the example of hello node13:08
sz0kayou add port 9000 to the bind tuple, but in the comment is 8000 the port13:08
prologicoh hey guys13:08
prologicsorry didn't notice you all chatting away13:08
sz0kashould i change it :D?13:08
sz0kai'd make a pull request13:09
sz0kaokay done, it is forking now :)13:10
prologicplease do :013:10
prologicat least you'll get your name in the history :)13:10
sz0kathe pull request should come in a few minutes13:10
prologicalso re your question about event filtering13:10
prologicevent.stop() prevents other handlers from running13:10
sz0kaheh yay my first contribution to a widely used python component13:10
prologicI dunno about widely :)13:10
sz0kaprologic: so the event itself will never ever be handled again?13:10
prologicbut it's getting there13:11
prologic55k downloads since v1.613:11
sz0kayeah and my name is now in it heh :313:11
sz0kaOMFg this is widely dude!13:11
prologiclet me try explaining another way13:11
prologicsay you fire an event called Foo13:11
prologicand you have 3 event handlers all handling Foo13:11
prologicall identical - maybe different code13:11
prologicbut all listening to Foo13:11
prologicif one of the handlers calls event.stop()13:12
prologicthe others will not run13:12
prologicbut only in that cycle13:12
prologicand for that particular instnace of Foo13:12
sz0kaoh okay so when foo get's fired again13:12
prologicit's identical to javascript13:12
sz0kaall handlers will handle it again?13:12
sz0kaAh okay so this is basically good for "handle this event only once, the fastest wins?"13:13
prologicumm no not the fastest13:14
prologicthe highest priority handler wins13:14
prologicand iif it chooses to prevent others from running13:14
prologicit has a few small but useful use cases13:14
sz0kaprologic: pull request in!13:15
prologicbtw I'm curious13:15
prologic$ circuits.bench -e 10000013:15
prologicSetting up Speed Test...13:15
prologicSetting up Sender...13:15
prologicSetting up Receiver...13:15
prologicTotal Events: 100006 (68943/s after 1.45s)13:15
prologicwhat's the performance like on your machine?13:15
sz0kaw8 a sec13:16
sz0kajust hit the command on my terminal?13:16
sz0ka% circuits.bench -e 10000013:19
sz0kaSetting up Speed Test...13:19
sz0kaSetting up Sender...13:19
sz0kaSetting up Receiver...13:19
sz0kaTotal Events: 100006 (55694/s after 1.80s)13:19
sz0kathis is what I get13:19
sz0kadual core intel 64 bit13:19
sz0kabut when i'm at home i can try it again with my i813:20
sz0ka* i713:20
prologicmy desktop here is an i7 as well13:20
prologic16GB of ram13:20
sz0kai've got only 4 :((13:20
prologicit was cheap :)13:21
sz0kaneed moah!13:21
sz0kagood for you, get your cookie :D!13:21
sz0kahow much?13:21
sz0kaI paid 800 euros13:21
sz0ka4 gb ram, no real gpu (only a low cost amd one), i7 1st gen13:21
sz0kaprologic: erm how do i make a pull request to your repository :P?13:22
sz0kamy default branch is set to my fork13:23
sz0kafunny huh?13:23
sz0kaokay i think now it is correct13:25
sz0kanow I'll merge into your (prologic) branch13:25
prologicI paid $1800 AUD for this desktop13:26
prologicmy old one died13:26
prologicso I had to replace it13:26
prologiccustom build though13:27
prologicSilverstone case, Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 3TB HDD, BD-RW Slim Drive13:27
sz0kawow nice!13:28
prologicoh an an nVidia GTX 68013:28
prologicyes I think I couldn't accept your first pull reuqest13:28
sz0kai think when i end my apprenticeship + 3 months (so march 2014 i guess) I'll buy a new computer, too :D13:28
prologicbecause your branch was out of date ;)13:28
sz0kanow it worked13:28
sz0kaheh makes fun to take part in a open source project13:29 and can also be forked13:29
prologicand contributed to as well13:29
prologicall pwoered by
prologicwhich is written in circuits.web :)13:29
sz0kaheh :313:29
sz0kaI think I'll provide my longpolling server for cpu sensordata with a client as an example13:30
sz0kaso someone is able to see the whole picture with wtf goes on13:30
prologicif you want13:30
prologicyou can have a repo up on
sz0ka:O nice!13:32
sz0kaI ever wanted to be an active contributer of a project I like13:32
sz0kacircuits is really cool so why not start here :D13:33
sz0kaoh i already contributed to a project :P13:34
sz0kareported sqli13:34
sz0kaheh yep, this is a tool made by the qsc ag (isp) for logging sip messages to get an overview why a call failed etc.13:36
prologicI'm very familiar with SIP :)13:36
prologicused to work at a local data center that provided voip to thousands of customers13:37
prologicas well as hosted pabx solutions13:37
sz0kaheh i work for the qsc :D13:37
sz0kathis is our cloud product and i'm in that team13:37
prologicahh awesome :)13:38
sz0kayep :D13:39
sz0kawe also have an open api but using our telephony foo just makes sense in germany, anyway using the storage and chat is possible :D13:39
prologicman I need coffee13:50
prologicI planned to setup kolab tonight13:51
prologicas well as owncloud13:51
prologicand fengoffice13:51
prologicand jabberd213:51
sz0kaheh coffee <313:57
sz0kai used to take speed but this makes you just dizzy and sucks when you get totally paranoid :P13:58
sz0kaand it damages health alot .. so coffee is the best practice here13:59
sz0kaor club mate - an ice tea with 20 mg coffein / 100 ml13:59
prologicwould appreciate help with improving the docs for circuits14:00
prologicit's always hard writing docs when you're the author14:00
prologicyou make too many asumptions14:01
sz0kaokay this sounds good :D14:04
sz0kai like writing14:04
sz0kabut I think I'll first get into circuits before documenting it14:04
sz0kaor better: know HOW i use it the 'right' way14:05
prologicof course14:06
prologicjust try to remember the things you've learned along the way14:06
prologicand what you had troulbles with :)14:06
prologicso we can document that ;)14:06
prologicand make it easier ont he next person :)14:06
prologicto me it's all obvious :)14:06
sz0kayeah sure, YOU WROTE IT!14:09
sz0kaokay I'll do and make some transcripts or something like that14:09
sz0kamaybe I'll write a book and make money :314:09
prologicall the glory to you :)14:10
sz0kaheh cool!14:12
sz0kaI'll refer to it in my not existing book!14:12
sz0kathe powered by refers to the wrong page (not the wiki, it is appended as a path to the main uri)14:13
sz0kafuck IBM Portal servers :P14:15
sz0kayou ever worked with them?14:18
sz0kaIf you knew what pain is: this is a new experience.. a higher level of pain14:18
sz0kaif someone asks me to give a definition of pain i refer to IBM Portal servers14:19
sz0kaor db214:19
sz0kapain to install,14:19
sz0kapain to use14:19
sz0kapain to maintain14:19
sz0kaprologic: you like music? (all kind of it)14:25
sz0kaI hate rappin' bitches, but this is kind of catchy:
sz0kaprologic: Erm I want to use the http client, are there any docs where i can look for? And is the ssl socket exchangeable?14:41
prologicnot much docs I"m afraid14:52
prologiccircuits.web.client is new14:52
prologicit's api kinda sucks a bit too14:52
prologicbut it does work and unit tested14:52
sz0kaprologic: hm where is the source? Maybe I am able to document it :D18:39
sz0kachallenge accepted xD18:39
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prologicsz0ka, docstrings in the code22:50
prologicwe use sphinx style docs22:50
prologicand maybe the circuits.web user manual22:51
prologica "Client" section22:51
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