IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2013-08-16

ninkotechprologic: node has problems when your connection breaks up...  how to solve that ?11:55
prologicso what11:58
prologicyou get Disconnected event or SocketError event?12:00
ninkotechfor start, my other server is not running when i run the first node12:01
ninkotechit fails to connect12:01
ninkotechimho it should try reconnecting on firing there12:01
prologicso make it do that12:01
ninkotechor fail on firing12:01
ninkotechas i fire remote event (on disconnected node) it does just nothing12:02
prologicyou'll get a Disconencte devent if it fails12:03
prologicjust make it reconnect12:03
prologicor fire a timer event on Disconnected12:03
prologicirclogger__ and ircnotifier both do this12:03
prologicthey try to stay nailed up at all times12:03
prologictrying to reconnect immediately if they see a Disconnected or SocketErroe event12:03
ninkotechyes, and firing remove event should fail when its disco, right?12:03
prologicwell it'll go nowhere12:05
prologicI think12:07
prologicany event that isn't responded to12:07
prologicwill just snik into obvilion12:07
ninkotechi would like it to try reconnect and if it fails, throw exception (or rather respond to the event immediatelly)12:18
ninkotechi am considering using zmq or something like that12:18
ninkotechor udp events (this should be  done using bridge?)12:19
ninkotechor even web12:19
ninkotechmaybe the web is not that bad idea anyway :D12:21
ninkotechthanks and sleep well!12:59
spaceonehas the new circuits version been released meanwhile?13:21
prologicspaceone, no :/13:30
prologicI've hardly had the time lately13:30
prologicwith family, work and all13:30
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