IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2013-08-18

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tokyopancakehi guys12:22
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ConflictXhello all :)19:16
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tokyopancakehi guys20:01
tokyopancakeI'm having an issue implementing my Ajax calls (originally CGI form query's) into my circuits webapp20:01
tokyopancakenot sure how to handle it20:01
tokyopancakeany help greatly appreciated20:01
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prologictokyopancake:  hey23:24
prologichaving problems with AJAX?23:24
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tokyopancake_yeah I think I might have a solution, but not sure if it will work23:26
prologicwhat problem were you having?23:26
tokyopancake_it basically an emailer, that emails back a download link to the user once the email address has been verified and added to the database23:26
tokyopancake_I wrote it originally as a CGI script with the CGI form catching23:26
tokyopancake_so I figured, maybe if I write it as a Controller object, and pass the correct query strings it would work ?23:27
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tokyopancake_that was my old me23:27
prologicI don't see what the problem is yet :)23:28
prologicI mean AJAX is just normal HTTP23:28
prologicnothing special23:28
tokyopancake_lol it's probably my newbieness23:28
tokyopancake_I think I'm running into trouble since my uwsgi isnt hosting the python script23:29
tokyopancake_I'm just gonna implement it into my controller object as an email method, and ajax /email/23:29
tokyopancake_I bet that would work, if I understand the circuits way of rolling by now23:29
prologicit would work just fine23:29
prologicyou haven't switched away from uwsgi yet?23:29
tokyopancake_I'll just change the headers to json23:29
tokyopancake_stop pestering me!23:30
tokyopancake_I will switch once I get this to work23:30
tokyopancake_I'll take it one step at a time23:30
prologicwell at least test with the circuits.web server23:30
prologiclocally e.g: on your desktop23:30
prologicbefore deploying to nginx + uwsgi23:30
tokyopancake_yeah that would be great23:30
tokyopancake_honestly working remotely with vim in a terminal is a bit of a pain23:31
prologicI'll say :)23:31
prologicand slow23:31
tokyopancake_it's been good though so far23:32
tokyopancake_I got everything working properly23:32
tokyopancake_oh wait23:32
tokyopancake_one thing I ran into last night23:32
tokyopancake_I tried the serve_download and serve_file methods23:32
tokyopancake_to serve a simple png, but the file came out corrupt?23:32
tokyopancake_I ended up overriding the headers and returning the open(file) directly23:32
tokyopancake_any idea what I might be doing wrong?23:33
prologicthat should work just fine23:41
prologicI'll write up a quick demo showing you23:42
tokyopancake_aw I appreciate that23:45
prologicSo this works just fine23:55
prologicyou get the python.png image as a download23:55
prologicI used this as the test image23:56
tokyopancake_that looks interesting23:59
tokyopancake_could I ask you, what does the abspath do?23:59

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