IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2013-08-20

tokyopancakecool, you're my first tester :)00:00
tokyopancakeI see you did it00:00
prologiclooks nice00:00
tokyopancakethanks :)00:00
prologicwhat javascript library are you using for this?00:00
prologicahh nice00:00
tokyopancakeyeah it's got some nice features00:01
tokyopancakewhich file did you download?00:01
prologichaven't got the email yet00:03
tokyopancakeyeah it doesnt email to you yet00:03
tokyopancakeit emails only to my email for debugging's sake00:03
tokyopancakeclick the link I sent above00:03
tokyopancakethat's the email I got 5 mins ago00:04
tokyopancakeI was checking my database it said you weren't verified, so that makes sense00:04
prologicyeah works just fine00:04
prologicnice work00:04
tokyopancakeawesome man00:04
tokyopancakethat's sweet00:04
tokyopancakethis is a cool library james00:04
tokyopancakeand it didn't take long to get it up and running at all00:05
tokyopancakeespecially with my experience level00:05
prologicyeah no problems00:06
prologicI'd appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feedback00:06
prologicperhaps blog about it :)00:06
prologiclet others know of your success :)00:06
tokyopancakehaha, I will :)00:06
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prologicbasic twisted integration into circuits04:21
prologicyes you all heard right04:27
prologiccircuits 0wn$ twisted now04:28
jgiorgicertainly makes protocol implementation easier04:31
prologicwell we'll see04:34
prologiclet's see how far I can take this04:34
prologicmaybe we might be able to run any twisted application on top of circuits04:34
prologicand use any of twisted.protocols seamlessly04:35
jgiorgii see at least the potential to wrap individual protocols and avoid writing a protocol implementation from scratch04:42
sz0kaHeya guys11:00
sz0kayo prologic 'sup?12:45
prologicbed time :)12:46
prologiccyas all tomorrow12:46
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prologicheya all23:39

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