IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-08-21

prologicjgiorgi, sz0ka  do any of you feel like plain with this twisted experimental integration?00:26
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jgiorgiprologic, might manage some time for it in a week or two, i'm booked atm04:30
prologicnps :)04:30
jgiorgiany further developments beyond the codepad i saw earlier?04:49
prologicI created a repo for it05:31
jgiorgicool, i'll keep my eye on it05:52
jgiorgiwork discovered my programming talent and decided to pile 20 hours of coding on top of the rest of my week05:53
prologicwelcome to the working life :)05:55
prologicjust don't burn out ok!05:55
prologicyou have to have time to yourself05:55
prologicand you have to have rest05:55
prologicdon't do the BS Silicon Valley thing of working 80hr wreeks05:55
jgiorgiyeah 50 is my top end06:09
jgiorgibut i keep coding tools that automate the rest of my job06:09
jgiorgii stopped asking for permission, they even got me a second computer that sits there doing my job and asking for input when it gets stuck06:09
jgiorgiyeah, i was hired as quality assurance, any sufficiently well educated tomato could do that job so i spend my days writing code to do it, all Python and Circuits on anything bigger than a couple simple methods06:33
jgiorgithey had the QA team doing basic text parsing before i showed up06:34
prologicnice one06:41
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sz0kaprologic: ref:twisted : No i never used twisted in my entire Pythonistalifetime :313:01
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sz0kahi ninkotech17:52
sz0kaprologic: btw. we fixed our ssl issue so i think, that I'll use circuits in my final exam project :317:53
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prologicsz0ka:  that's good news!23:29
prologicHmm some ideas there to take away23:55
prologicPerhaps the better way to integrate the two23:55

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