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jgiorgi-workin this case i think i can just get rid of that socket altogether, it was the lazy way to do it00:29
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prologicGood News01:11
prologiclooks like I can have git mirrors of the repos on github01:11
prologicIt's finally working for me01:11
jgiorgi-worklogging off work pc01:15
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prologicsweet? :)01:32
prologicI thought you loved mercurial01:32
prologiclike me :)01:32
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sz0kahey guyz08:30
sz0kaninkotech__: tdd is cool!09:03
sz0kaprologic: erm are there any examples how to test single components? :D09:03
ninkotech__sz0ka: i would look into tests of circuits :)09:04
ninkotech__prologic: hi, do you think zeromq would play nice with circuits? i didnt try yet09:04
sz0kaninkotech__: good advise! Hehe btw. writing classes and methods agains tests makes development easier09:16
sz0ka'cuz you got a data structure which has to fit etc.09:16
sz0kacould i show you an example testcase and you tell me if it is good or not :)?09:16
sz0kaninkotech__: <- if you've got a minute to take a look :309:18
prologicninkotech__, in theory anything should play nice with circuits09:19
prologiceven twisted09:19
prologicwhich I'm working on :)09:19
prologicso yes09:19
prologicsz0ka, yes look at the unit tests09:19
sz0kaprologic: cool!09:19
prologicborrow/steal the new-style way of testing09:19
sz0kaprologic: don't get the meaning of your sentence09:20
prologiclook for manager/watcher in tests/conftest.py09:20
prologicyou'll see things like09:20
prologicdef manager(...):09:20
prologicand another one for watcher09:20
prologicin fact09:20
prologiccp -r tests into your own package09:20
prologicand just rip all the tests out bar one new-style test09:20
prologicI'll even make a repo template of this if you like09:20
prologicwith like a "Hello World!" style Component09:21
prologicthat's fully tested in this way09:21
prologichow about I provide a full example?09:21
prologicthat'll make things more clear I think09:21
sz0kaprologic: this'd be great! If you could invest some time into it i'd rebuild my tests and integrate it as a component09:22
sz0ka(so I'd also rewrite my class)09:22
prologicthat was my daughter :)09:23
sz0kaheh sweet :D09:23
prologicyeah it's no trouble at all09:23
prologicI'll havE IT READY IN AN HOUR OR SO09:23
prologicargg Ali :)09:23
sz0kaprologic: perfectly! like we say in germany: Guten Appetit ;D!09:24
sz0kaprologic: daughter or spam bot?09:24
prologicdaughter :)09:24
prologicMM IO O P[;'09:25
prologicJNJHIOOPL;JKUJ IK09:25
sz0kaprologic: lol, the def wait() would look much cooler in a lisp expression09:25
prologic         ?09:25
prologicyou know what self.wait() is for right?09:26
prologicx =
prologicyield self.wait(...)09:26
sz0kayeah :D09:28
sz0kano it just goes straight to the right side of my display09:29
sz0kaand every lisp sexp looks like this09:29
sz0kaprologic: checkout hy, it is a python lisp which compiles into the python ast09:29
sz0kathose freaks also implemented a thing they call "spy mode"... it prints the original python expression of your sexp :D09:30
sz0kait's very nice and the community is cool09:30
sz0kathey did it by using decorator methods in their compiler to parse the hy source09:30
sz0kagreat pythonic approach!09:30
ircnotifier7f541bfda372 by sz0ka: fixed typo in port from 8000 to 9000 (in the comments)10:07
ircnotifierd96f9dd0f925 by sz0ka: Merged in sz0ka/hello_nodepy-fixed-typo-in-port-from-800-1376054112366 (pull request #1)10:07
ircnotifier89ffe74041b4 by prologic: Added a full complete example of test-driven development with circuits10:07
ircnotifierf38eb6f9d753 by prologic: Closed10:07
prologicsz0ka, in future could you not create named branches :)10:08
prologicit gets messy and I prefer real independent clones :)10:09
prologici.e: fork/pull-request10:09
prologicI actually dislike internal named branches (aka git style)10:09
prologicyou have what you asked for now :)10:09
prologiccheck it out10:09
ircnotifier2e17ec4a3185 by prologic: Merged with master10:18
ircnotifier04ecbe5ddee7 by prologic: Closed10:18
sz0kaprologic: yeah sure, the next time I'll ask you for the correct way so I can do leraning by doing :D10:49
sz0kathank you! I'll look for it :310:50
prologicsz0ka, just don't use the "hg branch" command :)10:53
prologicthat's all10:53
sz0kai never used it, i used the bitbucket webinterface to do it10:58
prologicthen don't :)11:01
prologicjust use the normal fork/pull-request stuff11:01
prologicI didn't know bitbucket's ui has a "Create new internal named branch" button :011:01
prologicwhere is it?11:01
sz0kaprologic: ugh don't know.. all began with trying to edit the circuits-dev sources on your repo.. it asked me to fork etc..11:07
prologicweird :)11:10
prologicnevermind :)11:10
prologicsz0ka, so has the examples/testing help you?11:51
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sz0kaprologic: huhm .. I think I have to check it out when I'm fitter.. atm I'm a bit tierd and my brain isn't working correctly :313:48
sz0kaprologic: i think adding documentation to every class and method would help a lot :D13:50
sz0kaand i found a typo in the Readme "Hwllo World"13:50
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prologicand voila14:00
prologica Circuits Reactor is born14:00
prologichopefully allowing twisted apps and libraires to run atop circuits14:00
prologicstill yet to test it all14:00
prologicbound to find edge cases and bugs14:00
prologicbut I've managed to implement all required interfaces14:00
prologicsz0ka, please feel free to improve upon the docs14:01
prologicthere are lots of docs however14:02
prologicbut not everything is documented14:02
prologicafter a while you get lazy14:02
prologicbecause all components work the same way14:02
sz0kaprologic: cool thing that twisted reactor.. :D Okay I'll do when I get some spare time14:19
sz0kabut atm. I'm overloaded with work14:19
sz0kaI'm so happy that it is friday.. and 1:30 left until weekend14:19
prologicwe're all overloaded with work14:20
prologicet all :)14:20
prologicI just sometimes occasionally find/make the time to do stuff that interests me :)14:20
sz0kaprologic: unfortunately I'm not overloaded with "just work" .. I have to move to the end of the next month i think and i don't have a flat or appartment now..14:33
sz0kaI'm ill and have to fight against it.. that is the point which sucks most..14:33
prologicahh the joys of moving :)14:41
prologicwhat fun14:41
prologicnot :)14:41
sz0kaprologic: indeed, i hate it..15:05
sz0kabut i also hate it to be @home15:05
prologicwell I'm off to bed finally17:00
prologicwe have almost fully working circuits<->twisted interopability17:00

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