IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2013-08-24

prologicsomeone know what the topic was?01:39
prologiclooks like it got accidently changed :)01:40
ircnotifiereca8a7136d12 by prologic: Fixed bad import of handler02:22
ircnotifierba82577232bd by prologic: Fixed a few edge cases with the BasePoller while integrating twisted into circuits02:22
ircnotifier2254f86e23d4 by prologic: Improved some of the API(s) of Timer to interoperate with twisted better. The overall API has not changed however.02:22
prologicIt's OFFICIAL02:24
prologicfull twisted integration02:24
prologicnow complete and working02:24
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prologic<prologic> It's OFFICIAL04:56
prologic<prologic> full twisted integration04:56
prologic<prologic> now complete and working04:56
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sz0kaprologic: hehe you integrated twisted successfully?17:04
sz0kagood job17:04
prologicsz0ka, yes I have23:06
prologicquite successfully23:06
prologiceverything works23:06

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