IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2013-09-06

spaceoneprologic: online?10:37
prologicI am10:50
spaceonei am getting a strange error10:56
spaceoneERROR <listener[*.disconnect.close] (HTTPServer._on_disconnect_or_close)> (<Close[http.close] ( )>) {<type 'exceptions.TypeError'>}: _on_disconnect_or_close() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)10:56
spaceone  File "/home/arch/public_html/SF2/lib3p/circuits/core/", line 528, in _dispatcher10:56
spaceone    value = handler(*eargs, **ekwargs)10:56
spaceonethis happens when a Close(sock) is fired (which is not fired by me but i don't know who fires it)10:57
spaceoneonly happens when stopping the server11:00
spaceoneinherits from TCPServer... hmm i don't find the reason11:02
spaceoneah, there is a second Close event :/ circuits.web and have Close events11:04
prologichmm odd11:28
prologicI don't see this on dev11:28

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