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prologicAnyone around?06:17
prologicOr is this project dead? :P06:17
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aepsil0nhi all10:55
aepsil0nprologic: i just got your mail10:56
aepsil0nmy thoughts on that: i find it odd to implicitly map an event Hello to either "hello" or "Hello"10:59
aepsil0ncan you also do something like @handler(Hello), where Hello is the event class defined in this context?10:59
aepsil0nit's really just about style at this point, I guess ^^11:00
aepsil0nthat way you could also have events with the same name in different modules and still tell them apart11:00
aepsil0nwhich is great if you want to re-use code from different sources without forcing an upstream modification of the class names to play along with each other11:01
aepsil0nbesides, why are events bound to classes instead of instances?11:05
prologicoh hey aepsil0n11:51
prologicI presume you're Eduard? :)11:51
prologicyou're idea of binding events to their identity is probably a good idea11:52
prologicit would also break backwards compatibility though11:53
prologicas does removing the class Hello(Event) --> @handler("hello")11:53
prologicwhich btw I've experimented with (in a bookmark/head) on my personal circuits-dev branch at
prologicit works as expected11:53
prologici.e: class hello(Event): --> @handler("hello")11:54
prologicI didn't suspect any problems changing this11:54
prologicaepsil0n, and events are actually bound by name12:01
prologicwe just use classes for two reasons12:01
prologica) to document the event and give it some kind of signature of the kind of data it carries (most of the time we're lazy and just use *args, **kwargs)12:01
prologicb) to carry and store extra metadata about the event12:01
prologic2nd bit is kinda important as circuits' event system is a bit more sophisticated than a simple pub/sub :)12:02
aepsil0nyes, I am Eduard13:58
aepsil0nmetadata makes sense, i suppose13:58
aepsil0nI still think there are fundamental differences between our approaches13:59
aepsil0nin obsub you explicitly bind an event handler (which can be any callable) to an event (which has to be a decorated method of a particular instance)14:00
aepsil0nin circuits it appears that you simply bind the handler to a name and then fire all events in a tree of objects, right?14:01
aepsil0noh well, you can use the channels to refine this behaviour14:02
aepsil0nhm.. it still feels like a very different conceptual approach14:02
aepsil0nwhich is probably due to the components architecture14:03
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