IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2013-09-21

ircnotifier_df1d03e9dbc6 by prologic: Updated all core events and uses03:30
ircnotifier_fe087c4a6526 by prologic: Moved to circuits.protocol05:42
ircnotifier_fa3478ed3271 by prologic: Removed and as these are pretty useless wrappers05:42
ircnotifier_89ed3aed2d7a by prologic: Updated all app events and uses05:42
ircnotifier_92a727c234a2 by prologic: Updated all io events and uses05:42
ircnotifier_6a0650f3256b by prologic: Updated all net events and uses and separated out events into a separate module05:42
ircnotifier_63d7e8e3c644 by prologic: Update node events and uses06:02
ircnotifier_6a9aac9e5794 by prologic: Updated events and uses in protocols13:58
ircnotifier_d44ab4ac7c86 by prologic: Updated web events and uses ( as well as many other uses )15:05
ircnotifier_389814544acb by prologic: Fixed more imports15:55
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