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spaceoneprologic: i have a little question: can i abort an event after it is fired?12:32
prologicdefine abort?12:37
prologiclike you fired an event12:38
prologicbut didn't mean to and want to cancel it?12:38
spaceonehmm, as example: i have fired a request event. then more data get written to the socket and i need to avoid that the fired request event will be responded because i have to respond with something else12:39
prologicI'm not sure of a clean sensible way to do this in the core of circuits itself12:46
prologicbecause once an event is fired12:46
prologicand onec handled it would be too late12:46
prologicit's possbile to build a "cancellation" mechanism in12:46
prologiciif your application logic called .cancel() before the next tick12:46
prologicthat being said12:46
prologicyou could probably code this up yourself by listening to the request event at a high priority12:47
prologicand queing it up in a different kind of queue12:47
prologicand periododically check it12:47
spaceoneprologic: okay, it's probably the wrong way to implement this12:48
spaceonei have another way12:49
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ircnotifier_c80a3566261a by prologic: New derived events by default with better class inheritence and a .child() method on event instnaces13:59
ircnotifier_d5034afd58be by prologic: Added .cancel() mechanism for events which will prevent the event from being processed (if not already)14:03
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ircnotifier_ec81957ec19e by prologic: Fixed parts list22:52
ircnotifier_9bbbd955aa7d by prologic: Updated version to 3.0dev (next release)23:32

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