IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2013-09-26

ircnotifier_dd5685559619 by prologic: Automated merge with
prologicspaceone, dunno if it will help you08:35
prologicbut after what you said last night08:35
prologicwe've decided adding a canel mechanism is actually a god idea08:35
prologiciif i you catch the event before the next tick cycle08:35
prologiccould be useful08:35
*** tim has joined #circuits15:56
timhi i'm confused about a certain simple circuit. i'm looking at this picture and was wondering how this even works. it's a flipflop but how can either NAND gate go through without the input of the other? seems like a race condition..15:59
ircnotifier_57243d288322 by osso: More fixes to new events21:05

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