IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2013-09-27

ircnotifier_4511e037c1b3 by prologic: Don't use a base class for web events (default derived events breaks this). the channels should be worked out automatically from where the events were fired from00:04
spaceoneprologic: nice...06:31
prologicspaceone:  thought you might like it :)06:32
spaceoneyep ;)06:32
spaceoneprologic: another question: the "error" event is always fired when an exception occurs (altough there is an foo_failure handler)06:33
prologicdo you have an issue with this?06:37
prologicfailure events work like complete and success events06:37
prologicthey are event specific (feedback)06:37
prologicbut error will still fire as well06:37
spaceoneprologic: my issue with it is that i need to filter out events which are already handled by _failure events..06:49
spaceonebut this is a minor issue06:49
prologicspaceone, what. you want to ignore failure events?09:12
prologicor handle any in a special case?09:12
ircnotifier_d7ff4f7745dc by prologic: Fixed success, complete and failure event uses10:05
ircnotifier_5cdf710e04a0 by prologic: Fixed prepare_unregister_complete event handler10:08
ircnotifier_a59f44ca5a3a by prologic: Replaced value_changed event class with .child(value_changed, ...)10:11
ircnotifier_6fa11bbc7925 by prologic: Go for a much simpler Event class approach, removing BaseEvent and deafult event inheritence. Use .child()10:31
ircnotifier_245a76eeff3d by prologic: Don't subclass in .create()10:34
ircnotifier_72f153697056 by prologic: Marked tests/web/ as broken10:55
ircnotifier_297cd5ef44eb by osso: Improves the websocket client and tests20:48

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