IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2013-10-01

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prologicspaceone, what pep8 checker are you using?08:28
prologicI don't have any pep8 issues here08:28
prologicclass foo(object): pass08:28
prologicdoes not violate any pep8 styling issues08:28
spaceoneprologic: hmm, i used pylint219:56
prologicspaceone:  "almost without exception"23:26
prologicit's only a guideline23:26
prologicand my suggestion is that pylint is too strict on this23:26
prologicI use flake8/pyflakes here23:26
prologicand it doesn't complain23:26
prologicany as to the why?23:26
prologicwe want to make circuits easier for users23:27
prologicso they are not confused by the muddle that is23:27
prologicclass FooBar(Event): pass --> @handler("foo_bar")23:27
spaceoneprologic: hmm, jeah.. i just don't like lowercase classnames23:27
spaceoneprologic: is FooBar still suported?23:28
prologicyes of course23:58
prologicclass FooBar(Event): --> @handler("FooBar")23:59
prologicthe point is we removed the senseless uncamling that was going on23:59
prologicwhich was confusing to new users23:59
prologicbut as a general thing we're probably going to use lowercase event names in the circuits library of components itself23:59
prologicbut you're free to use whatever style you want :)23:59
prologicalso ihmo lowercase event names are a bit better23:59
prologicbecause of the general use of:23:59

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