IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-10-02

prologice = Event.create("foo")00:00
prologice.child("success") --> foo_success00:00
prologicbut yes feel free to do whatever style names suit you :)00:00
prologicall we did was to get rid of the confusion00:00
prologicand made deriving sub-events (childs) easier00:00
spaceoneprologic: thanks00:03
spaceoneprologic: do you have an idea when the next circuits release will be?00:04
prologicat this stage it's unlikely we'll release until next year00:06
prologicwe've decided to do a major release a 3.000:06
prologicsince we're introducing a lot of new features00:07
prologicand breaking a few things along the way00:07
prologicbut as always use dev if you want the latest stuff00:07
prologicit's always under continuous integration and testing00:07
spaceonejeah, can i get an overview of API changes?00:07
prologicit's hard to make releases go faster00:07
prologicwhen there's only 2 part-time developers not eh project00:07
prologicfor now it's just the changes to Event class00:08
prologicwe dropped DerivedEvent and BaseEvent00:08
prologicand all events in circuits are all lowercase names00:08
prologicI'll document this up later so it's clear00:08
prologicumm00:08 moved to circuits.protocols00:08
prologicand we dropped and
prologicthey were pretty useless wrappers00:09
prologicthere is also Event.child()00:09
prologicwhich creates a child event based on an existing instance00:09
prologicappending the name to the parent event00:09
prologice = Event.create("foo")00:09
prologicx = e.child("success")00:09 == "foo"00:09 == "foo_success"00:10
prologicthat's about all the changes so far00:10
prologicalso we're introducing twisted integration00:10
prologicso you can run twisted apps and protocols on top of circuits00:10
prologicand we'll probably also introduce other integrations like gtk, qt, pygame, etc00:11
prologicand being in some other sources of events00:11
spaceonei will update then00:11
spaceonemy project is very far00:11
prologicyeah not too many breaking changes00:11
prologicand as I said dev is always fully tested00:11
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