IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-10-16

spaceoneprologic: just a dispatcher14:43
spaceonefor me14:43
prologicI see23:36
prologicI don't see the necessity in writing your own server(s) though23:36
prologicI don't find circuits.web implementation all that bad tbh23:36
prologicbut parts still could be improved23:36
prologicin any case23:36
prologichaving a Resource/RESTful style dispatcher and some kind of base Resource component (ala Controller) would be really nice to have in circuits.web23:37
prologicI've done this myself in a few projects23:37
prologicbut never the same twice :/23:37
prologicI have built a simple JSON Hyper Schema based API in circuits.web for work here that powers our apis for a fairly complex GIS mapping application for viewing and moiling climate data models23:37

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