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ircnotifier__b7e9aab3d27c by prologic: Fixed links to shininpanda10:46
ircnotifier__ac2fd47a5b88 by prologic: Updated docs requirements.txt to pull in circuits-dev via mercurial10:52
ircnotifier__cf13c97168ed by prologic: Improved version management (circuits.version) -- Fixed docs building and used sphinx-apidoc to generate the API docs (but they kinda suck a bit)11:52
ircnotifier__58946d150bdb by prologic: Updated to RTD theme and fixed several errors in building12:25
ircnotifier__835ecaa98f8d by prologic: Fixed getting version for py2/py3 compat13:10
ircnotifier__05a44af7d61e by prologic: Trying to impreove the structure and layout of the api docs13:10
ircnotifier__a7e4db5e0f2f by prologic: Trying to impreove the structure and layout of the api docs13:10
spaceoneprologic: circuits-dev/examples/timers.py13:51
spaceoneare there the @handler decorators missing?13:52
spaceonealso for an example this is not intuitive enough...13:52
spaceoneare the handlers called after 5, 1, 3 seconds ?13:52
spaceoneor what13:52
spaceoneand persists means that they are called again?13:53
prologicyes persistent means the timer will fire again13:54
prologicforever until degregistered13:54
prologicand no @handler decorator is not required there13:55
prologicas the example subclasses Component (not BaseComponent)13:55
prologicI'm finding the UnhandledEventWarning a bit sucky13:56
prologicI'm tempted to remove it13:56
prologicI don't personally find it useful13:56
prologicnot sure how more intuiative the example could be13:57
prologicit's exactly as you descibred13:57
prologic5, 1, 3 seconds13:57
spaceoneprologic: just add a single comment13:58
spaceoneprologic: also a comment for the not required @handlers13:58
spaceoneprologic: and the primitive/ example: shouldn't it be self.wait(x) instead of self.wait('foo') ?14:00
spaceonewhat happens if i fire foo two times?14:01
ircnotifier__d457eead1a4a by prologic: Documented the timers example a bit better14:02
prologicwith wait/call14:02
prologicit will stop yielding when it sees the first matching event14:03
prologicand it's definately yield self.wait("foo")14:03
prologicyou're waiting for the named event14:03 is to call the event handlers syncroniously?14:04
prologicx ="foo"))14:04
prologicx = yield"foo"))14:05
prologicforgot the yield :)14:05
spaceonewhy do you need the yield?14:06
prologicyields control back to the manager14:06
prologicand preserves the stack at that point14:06
spaceoneso it is x = (yield"foo"))) ?14:06
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