IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2013-10-21

spaceoneprologic: we had this before yes.. its just i can't run 2 server sockets in one channel but i don't want to have two instances of some of my components. (but if i have to: can i register the very same instance at 2 components? or will this cause problems)00:12
prologicspaceone:  I see what you mean00:25
prologicperhaps this use-case (although small) is potentially very useful00:25
prologicwe should think about this a bit more00:25
prologictypically if you want to run two identical component graphs in the same system00:25
prologicyou separate them by channels00:25
prologicso you set a separate channel per server component00:26
prologicthere is no reason why you can't have your other components on a common channel however00:26
spaceoneok, i now have something like this:00:30
prologicwill the scenario I described work for you?00:32
prologiccan you use separate channels for your socket componets00:32
prologicand a common channel for your other components?00:32
spaceonedomains = DomainDispatcher(); server1 = TCPServer(secure=True, channel='https'); server2 = TCPServer(channel='http'); server1 += HTTP(); server2 += HTTP(); server1.http += domains; server2.http += domains;00:32
prologiccircuits.web at least works this way00:32
prologicif you run an HTTPS and HTTP server in the same process00:32
prologicthe same controllers are used00:32
spaceonei would like to have only one HTTP instance00:34
prologicyes I kinda see your point00:35
prologicI'm not sure at this stage how to handle this in a nice way00:35
spaceoneyes, no problem... maybe the solution will occur in your dreams00:36
spaceonei have to sleep now00:37
spaceonethanks and good night ;)00:37
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prologichi runorrun21:21
runorrunHello prologic21:24
runorrunprologic : is this channel specifically for a framework ?21:25

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