IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2013-10-23

*** pdurbin has joined #circuits22:33
prologichello pdurbin23:20
pdurbinprologic: hi!23:21
pdurbinanyone who runs an irclogger___ is ok in my book :)23:21
prologicoh hey23:21
prologicyou're from #io :)23:21
prologicyes this channel is logged23:21
prologicby irclogger23:21
prologicwritten in circuits23:22
prologicso we eat our own dog food :)23:22
prologicdrink our own coolade23:22
pdurbinis the logger open source?23:23
prologicyes absolutely23:23
prologicI also wrote an ircnotifier23:24
prologicwhich I use in all my bitbucket projects to do commit notifications on irc23:24
prologichence ircnotifier__23:24
pdurbinok, then you use
pdurbinlogs to disk. got it23:25
pdurbinI'm using and have been quite happy with it23:25
pdurbinlogs to mysql23:26
pdurbinlogs look like this:
prologicahh okay cool23:28
prologicthat looks to be written in perl23:28
prologicuggh :)23:28
prologicirc logger can easily be extended23:28
prologicbecause it's written in circuits and you can extend all functionality by simply writing new components in a loosely coupled way23:28
prologicso logging to MySQL would be quite easy23:29
prologicyou'd then just need to either write or use an existing web app that renders the data23:29
prologicanyway my irclogger implementation is rather simple23:29
prologicdeliberately so23:29
pdurbinwow, no issues! it's perfect:
prologicI even wrote it as a blog article23:29
prologicyes well it most certainly doesn't have any bugs23:30
prologicif that's what you mean :)23:30
prologiccircuits itself is quite a robust framework if you like coding in Python23:30
prologicand understand async programming somewhat23:30
pdurbinI don't mind Python23:33
prologicneither do i :)23:39
prologicit's my preferred language and hammer of choice23:39
prologichas been for 12 years23:39
prologicbut I'm also enjoying write a new language called mio :)23:40
prologicwith similarities to Io and heavy influence from Python23:40
prologicI'm planning on releasing 0.0.4 of mio today23:40

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