IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2013-10-29

prologicas of mio 0.0.5.dev12:43
prologicwe now have modules, packages12:43
prologicand now the langauge's builtins and other things are bootstraped via an import;12:43
prologicnow I just need to work on exception handling12:46
prologictidy up a few more things12:46
prologicand rewrite in RPython12:46
prologicI do want to though add support (also) for doing imports like this12:47
prologicbut not entirely sure how or even if that's a good idea12:47
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prologicpdurbin, thoughts?12:56
pdurbinprologic: I think you should re-write for RPython13:04
prologicbut I still have things to prototype :)13:11
prologiclike exceptions13:12
prologicthat's the main thing I think13:12
prologicmost of the mio core I've reimplemnted in mio itself now13:12
prologicexcept for a few core objects and types13:12
prologicand the Lobby (I call it Root) looks nice and clean13:12
prologicas does the Object proto13:13
prologicI also want to move traits further along in the language as well13:15
prologicand define (at least)13:15
pdurbinfine. rewrite part of it as a proof of concept :)13:15
prologicI think I'd also need to replace the parser library I'm using13:15
prologicI don't think that'll compile down with RPython13:16
prologicnot sure13:16
prologicdunno we'll see13:17
prologicI mean it's a functional parser library13:17
prologicin theory it should be safe13:17
prologicas long as it doesn't violate the type restrictions in RPython13:18
prologicI mean I could try to translate just the absolute core13:18
prologicwithout the core types and objects13:18
prologicor just try to translate the entire code base13:19
prologicI'm going to release 0.0.6 right now13:20
pdurbinprologic: you're on a roll14:07
prologicI am :)14:09
spaceoneprologic: why do you do an own programming language?17:47
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prologicspaceone, why not?21:59

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