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prologichey guys02:40
prologicplan on releasing mio-lang 0.0.6 this weekend02:40
prologichas great new features and many bug fixes02:41
prologicworking heavily towards moving a lot of the core functionality into traits02:41
prologicwith lots of new builtins int he builtins module02:41
prologicif anyone is interested08:07
prologicI'm planning on adding first-class events to mio08:07
prologicborrowing from a lot of the circuits python framework design and architecture08:07
prologicI would expect to see things like fire and wait08:08
spaceoneNumber fact = method(08:27
spaceone    (self < 2) ifTrue(return self)08:27
spaceone    return (self * ((self - 1) fact()))08:27
spaceoneOo, serious?08:27
spaceonethis is harder to understand than ruby08:27
prologichow so?08:54
spaceonethe last ')' does not match10:40
spaceoneand i don't understand what the code does10:40
spaceoneand ifTrue as function is not(!) nice10:41
spaceoneself if self < 2 else fact(self * (self -1))10:43
prologicyeah you don't understand the langauge being develoepd (yet)11:09
prologicthere is very little in terms of the langauge's grammer/syntax11:10
prologicso there is no nice (Pyton) condisiontla as such11:10
prologicalso there is no if statement11:11
prologicin fact in mio11:11
prologicthere are no keywords or statements whatsoever11:11
prologiconly messages and objects11:11
prologicit's a highly unified language11:11
prologicwith very few core concepts to learn11:11
prologic1 + 211:11
prologicis parsed into11:11
prologic1 +(2)11:11
prologicwhich means11:11
prologic1 (an object)11:12
prologicis sent the message "+"11:12
prologicwith arguments [2]11:12
prologicthe entire langauge is centered around this core concept11:12
prologic"message passing"11:12
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