IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2013-11-03

spaceoneprologic: ok11:48
prologiclong dealys between conversations12:52
spaceoneprologic: ;) the global problem :D12:53
prologicwhat global problem?12:54
prologicrefresh my memory :)12:54
spaceoneprologic: that you are in australia and i am in germany12:55
prologicoh yes12:55
prologicthat :)12:55
prologicI added operator precedence support to mio this weekend12:55
prologicthat was quite difficult and still not 100% perfect I don't think :)12:55
prologicand btw12:56
spaceoneprologic: do you have an example of how to use the circuits namespace package thing to adapt anything?12:56
prologicI should be able to simplify that factorial example down to:12:56
prologicNumber fact = method((1..self) reduce(0, a, n, a * n))12:57
prologiceventually that is12:57
prologicI don't quite have all the supporting functionality in place yet in terms of builtins and what not12:57
prologicwe added the namespaec thing for circuits.contrib12:59
prologicbut I'm still unsure about it all12:59
prologicnamespaces in python obiltearete the packages's __init__12:59
prologicwhich kinda sucks12:59
prologicand in any case it doesn't let you just simply override things12:59
prologicyou still have to have "cut points"12:59
prologicyou're thinking of zope.interfaces/ZCA for adaptation pattern(s)13:00
spaceoneprologic: hm, is there a existing package which adapts circuits.contrib13:01
spaceonejust that i can see it one time?13:01
prologiccircuits.contrib is maintained by Justin - he started that13:03
prologicwe're trying to make it into a community collection of components13:04
prologicthat can be imported easily:13:04
prologicfrom circuits.contrib import blah13:04
prologicthere :)13:12
prologicit's done13:12
prologicmcuh clearer now? :P13:12
spaceonea little bit, bit i will no go that deep into mio13:14
spaceonei keep being at HTTP13:14
prologicI'll convince you to use mio for your next project one day13:44
prologicmaybe in a few years13:44
prologicwhen it's more mainstream13:44
spaceoneprobably not13:45
prologicit's already quite useful :)13:46
prologicI like some things about it already13:46
prologicfor example:13:46
prologicfoo = block(a, a = a ifNone(2); print(a))13:47
prologicmio> foo()13:47
prologicmio> foo(4)13:47
spaceonewhich is in python: foo = lambda a: print(2 if a is None else a) ?14:24
prologicthere's no special syntax for "lambda" in mio22:13
prologicjust blocks and methods22:13
prologicwhich can be defined anywhere22:13
prologicsince the syntax is free-form22:13
prologicwhitespace is not significant22:14
prologicI do plan to implement first-class events and components in mio22:14
prologicso it'll make dynamic event handlers quite easy to write22:14

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