IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2013-11-18

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prologichey Ossoleil09:07
prologicI tried to add a TimeoutError or event.timedout feature to call/wait the other day09:08
prologicbut wasn't successful in doing so09:08
prologicbasically the use case being09:08
prologice = Event.create("foo")09:09
prologicyield, timeout=3)09:09
prologicif e.timedout:09:09
prologic   ...09:09
prologic   ...09:09
prologicor try/except around TimeoutError09:09
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OssoleilI don't think it'll work easily with the latest implementation, let me check09:29
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Ossoleilah no it's fine actually12:07
prologic <-- check out the tutorial :)15:19
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spaceoneprologic: is the '' file automatically used by pytest?19:11
prologicspaceone, yes20:59
prologicit's so you can register global fixtures21:00
prologicand other things against your entier test suite21:00
prologicin fact each sub-pacakge in yout tests can ahve it's own afaik21:00
prologicI normally only use one in circuits though21:01
prologicsee examples/testsing/ in circuits-dev examples dir21:01
spaceoneprologic: ok, so the name is fixed ?21:01
spaceonethere is another in circuits/web ;)21:01
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