IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2013-11-21

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ircnotifier1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev21:14
ircnotifier4eb5b14b5120 by webhamster: Fix Serial component21:14
spaceoneprologic: with the declare_namespace thing i can adapt packages (and it's submodules) but can i also overwrite a specific module?21:18
prologicI think so22:47
prologicI'm still not so sure about the whole namespace thing22:47
prologicI still have to give it more thought with regards to circuits22:48
prologicand the way forward22:48
spaceonehmm, how is the order of overwriting detected then?22:55
prologicnamespaces just messes with the sys.path basically23:03
prologicit's not a replacement for a plugin system at all23:04
prologicif you really want to override components in circuits23:04
prologicit sort of sounds like you want us to move to zope.interfaces23:04
prologicthat would be one way23:04
spaceonedoesn't sound pythonic23:05
prologicwell no it isn't really23:08
prologicit's the Zope Component Architecture (ZCA)23:08
prologicI wasn't suggesting we do so23:09

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