IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2013-11-24

*** dheeraj_ has joined #circuits04:53
dheeraj_Hii all04:54
dheeraj_is there anyone..??04:54
prologichey dheeraj_06:17
dheeraj_prologic: Hii..06:19
dheeraj_Do any one know about the lcd circuit..06:23
prologicsorry dude06:27
prologicyou want #electronics06:27
prologicthis channel is about the python framework circuits06:27
dheeraj_prologic: Ohkk.. actually i hav a lcd of my previous dead laptop.. and i want it to be used with my Rpi board06:29
prologicoh ic :)06:32
prologicyeah sorry06:32
prologicno one here willl have a clue :)06:32
prologicthis is all about python and the python framework circuits06:33
dheeraj_prologic: no problem dude, thanks :)06:39
*** dheeraj_ has quit IRC07:17
*** dheeraj_ has joined #circuits11:34

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