IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2013-11-26

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ircnotifier2 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev05:29
ircnotifier35daf1a5c455 by prologic: Removed dev requirements of pyserial/pyinotify as they may not be available on all development platforms05:29
ircnotifier00816ff4deaf by prologic: Added unit tets for gzip encoding (and fixed it)05:29
ircnotifier1 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev10:39
ircnotifier54c36ed614ec by osso: Adds debugger10:39
ircnotifier8 commit(s) pushed to circuits-dev12:28
ircnotifier7e3d0ecf1b45 by prologic: Fixed these skipping tests12:28
ircnotifier40fe165be6f0 by prologic: Removed deprecation warnings/docstrings since we're never going to release 2.212:28
ircnotifier3eea1a02bafc by prologic: Remvoed all 2.2 deprecations since we'll never release 2.212:28
ircnotifier572284052c33 by prologic: Trying to improve the front page (README) of the docs with nicely documented examples12:28
ircnotifiere89d67f41170 by prologic: Automated merge with
ircnotifier6f6b9de8f672 by prologic: Fixed adding Debugger() to tests/web/test_websockets.py12:28
ircnotifier7bbb6c1af387 by prologic: Added three examples to the front page (README) that works (should) on both PyPi and ReadTheDocs12:28
ircnotifier72b1482f80cd by prologic: Improved devel only readme (to sanity check the README/PyPi-Page)12:28
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